Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lady in Red

Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-322 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-332 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-361 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-333 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-357 PicMonkey Collage Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-372 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-339 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-323
NEW LOOK RED MIDI DRESS (also comes in black and blue) | FREE PEOPLE straw hat with studded band | RAY BAN round from Sunglasses Shop | COACH metallic bag | NEW LOOK floral print shoes

Photos by Lianne Mackay

Ohhh I am so excited about these photos I could do a wee sick. Me and the lovely Lianne met up for a day of shooting in Edinburgh last week after being introduced when she took the images for my Topshop events a couple of weeks ago, and today I present to you the first of the looks we shot! She's a mega talented bean isn't she? We shot four looks in total and very. very almost managed to avoid the rain until this outfit when it started to drizzle a little...  Wait until I've got a straw hat on why don't you, Mother Nature. I had on a midi dress that I picked up recently in New Look that - wait for it - is under £30. Pretttty good, I know. I love Reformation and Rixo and the likes as much as the next gal, but obviously they're not quite so friendly on the ole purse strings so I was over the moon when I found it sitting at the door when I walked in. I also picked up this little pair of sandals - I know you're going to be like 'Aaaaaamy, you didn't need any more shoes', but I did. I promise. I'm actually very lacking in the comfortable, every-day shoe department, especially for pairing with things like my wee cropped ankle trousers, so that's that. I've justified them in my head and you can't stop me. I also popped on this little Coach metallic bag (which I don't think you've actually seen before?) and a straw boater I picked up in New Yawwwk.

I'll be popping the next look up at some point this week so keep your eyes peeled for that and, in the meantime, I'll leave you with some glamorous snaps of what it was like 80% of the time during these shots.

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Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-284 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-282 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-349