Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Week in Swimwear

Why hello. Today's post is the first of my many, many (seriously, brace yourself) posts from St Lucia. A lot of you were asking about the swimwear I was wearing so, to start, I've put together a little round-up of my favourite Matalan pieces I wore, which - wait for it - are all under £20. I know, I know. It's madness. You may remember me banging on about my long-term love affair with their homewear in this post, but swimwear I wouldn't usually tend to associate so much with Matalan. Then, on one of my in-depth browses, I saw this bikini and was like, 'HOLD THE PHONE', and thus a bikini binge was born. So, let me talk you through my favies:

The High-Waisted One
The Little Magpie Bikini St Lucia The Little Magpie Bikini St Lucia The Little Magpie Bikini St Lucia
Since this was the one that launched the spree, it seems only right to begin with it. I really love a high waisted bikini, but up until now this one was the only nice one I'd managed to find. And then Big Red came into my life. I love stripes, I love bright colours (on holiday I mean, let's not get too carried away) and I love that this shape sucks in your soft bits and lands on a more flattering part of your torso. Bring on the beach cocktails! And chips. And omelette, while you're at it.

The Crochet One
The Little Magpie Bikini St Lucia The Little Magpie Bikini St Lucia
Like I say, I love bright colours on holiday so this one was a no-brainer. It's a bit more of an unusual shape - which I like - and has the lovely crochet detailing at the neckline too. A real winner winner chicken dinner. Sorry, I said I'd stop saying that didn't I.

The Frilly One
The Little Magpie St Lucia Bikini
What an imaginative name, I know. This one I put on and instantly felt like I was on honeymoon. Is that a strange thing to say? I don't know, but what I mean is that I just felt all girly and glowy and... delicate? Well, as delicate as someone who falls over at least twice a day can be. I don't really know how to explain it, but try it on and you'll see for yourself. The little halterneck strap is detatchable so it's a good one for a tanning day!

The...Colourful One
The Little Magpie Bikini St Lucia IMG_4457 PicMonkey Collage
I'm really scraping the barrel for names here. This one's, I guess, your more standard bikini shape and in the really lovely colour combo of aqua and pink, complete with cute pom-pom detailing. The Pom-Pom One... that's what I should have called it. Damnit. 

The Lounging One
The Little Magpie Palm Print Set The Little Magpie Palm Print Set The Little Magpie Palm Print Set
This one isn't actually a bikini - tricked you - but is a little cotton set that's perfect for, you guessed it, lounging around in. I love me some palm print, so it was a yes from the get-go. I can confirm that it is indeed very, very comfortable.

And there we have it! They're not all online yet, but if you've got your eye on one that's not then it should be from mid-March onwards. In the meantime, I'll link you two lovely ones that have come onsite since I got back (darnit): this suedette (that's right, suedette) one and this b-e-a-u-tifully colourful one. And you can expect the rest of me St Lucia posts soon!

The Little Magpie Bikini St Lucia

Post in collaboration with ze wonderful Matalan


Lauren Rose Style said...

You are stunning and so many amazing bikini's! Will definitely consider Matalan for swimwear in the future xx

Lauren Rose: laurenrosestyle.com

7sevendays said...

the first one high waisted is the more elegant!!!! super cute


the gold lipstick said...

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

Mandy Paulino said...

Obsessed!!! Love them all and bomb shots girl!
Visit me back :)

Mariel Parton said...

i love them all Amy, now I want them all haha, you look amazing girl! can't wait to see your St. Lucia posts <3


Primrose said...

ADORE all of these - stunning shots too! x


The Emerald Dove said...

Gorgeous! All of them are so pretty

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Sheila Joy said...

Ahh, I love the palm print suit! Where is it from?? x


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Unknown said...

Oh WIFEY you look bloody wonderful in every bikini (knew I'd married a keeper haha!). I love all of them and think the high waisted or frilly ones are my favourite. You bloody babe!

Hayley xo

The Style Rawr said...

AS IF they are all from Matalan!? You obvs look incredible in every one (I'm regretting eating that extra biscuit now) but I want the crochet beaut! Loooove.

T x

Regina Hilary said...

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Kristina said...

omg love all the swimsuits! and you have an amazing figure!

Creepers & Cupcakes

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