Sunday, March 19, 2017

4 Favourite Fashion Bloggers

It's been absolutely ages since I've done a post on my favourite bloggers, so this is long overdue! Today's post is dedicated to my favourite fashionistas. There are so, so many bloggers that I absolutely love and if I could fit them all into one post I would, but blogger doesn't have enough characters and you probably don't have five hours spare to read it. SO, what I've done instead is gather up four favourites that I check on the daily (unless that's weird, in which case I mean... quite regularly) and put them all together. I'm sure you'll be familiar with a couple, if not all, of them but I hope it brings a new girl crush your way to at least some of you.

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Well we all saw this one coming, didn't we? I regularly declare my love for Megsy, so it would be wrong not to have her in here. Every single outfit she puts together is a dream and I guarantee you'll leave her blog feeling inspired and ready to try out something new; be it a choker, sandals with socks or something just that bit out of your comfort zone. She's got a jawline that could take your eye out, is a total weirdo in real life too and I defy you not to fall a little bit in love with her (I know, that escalated quickly. These things happen).

new-post redjump8 hair10 blog9

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I've followed Alice forrrrever on Instagram and always get excited when I see one of her posts come up on my feed. I'm constantly recommending her to people when they ask who to follow (cough, even when they don't ask. See also Alyssa Miller) so it was about time I got her up on here too. She's got the cat-eye flick down to a dream, the perfect frongle and has the style of Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn rolled into one wonderful being. Another good jawline too.. I'm off to do some mouth exercises, damnit.

Kenza_Zouiten_Ivyrevel_Noir_06 IMG_4513 Kenza_Zouiten_Capetown_Sunset_06 KenzaZouiten_Paris-casual2
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Kenza's another blogger I've followed for years and sometimes I'm not actually sure she's a real person/isn't a secret Victoria's Secret angel. Her blog photography is amazing and everything - from her travel posts to her outfit posts - are friggin incredible. That's right, I pulled the word incredible out the bag. Shit. Just. Got. Real.

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Oh, lovely Liv. Liv's another one who leaves me feeling mega inspired every time I go on her blog; her photos look like they've come straight from an editorial and her city guides are second to none. You can tell how much effort goes into every single post, which is why she's long been one of my favourite bloggy gals!