Sunday, January 22, 2017

What I Wore in NYC

The Little Magpie New York Outfits The Little Magpie New York Outfits The Little Magpie New York Outfits IMG_0838 The Little Magpie New York Outfits The Little Magpie New York Outfits The Little Magpie New York Outfits
Hello from NYC!! Kidding, I'm home now sadly. These shots were taken on Bleecker Street, which I've been curious about ever since I first heard Paolo Nutini singing 'took her down Bleeeecker Street', which resulted in me and Megan singing it almost the entire time we were there. Which I'm pretty sure everyone around us loved. Now I won't go into too much detail about where we went or what we did or why we were there because I want to cover that in separate (big) blog posts, so today I'll just talk about what I'm a-wearin. 

It was ridiculously cold in NYC, it actually snowed the day these were taken which, although magical, resulted in me believing that my hands could and would fall off at any minute. For this reason I had shoite tonnes of layers on. And I mean shoite tonnes. Under my polo neck (which is a wee cheapie from New Look and one of my favourite things at the moment) I had on two long sleeved tops and a second polo neck. If you want to look like you've gained a stone overnight, ladies and gentleman, this is how to do it. I popped my all saints coat over the top - I've already dedicated an entire post to how much I love it so I'll say no more - and, for added warmth, my new Toppers beanie. Good innit? You know I'm not a woman of colour so it's nice to have a little splash of it in the form of the neon furry bawwwble. Oh, and from these glasses too! I have three pairs of sunglasses I rotate between; my Celines, my Ray-Bans and these, but these have been getting a lot of face time recently I have to say. I've also got on my Office studded boots which a lot of you have been asking about lately. They're v comfy and go with pretty much everything. A real shoe hero.

And I'll be back soon with my full New York posts! I'm off to London this weekend for an exciting project too, all of which will be revealed next month. For now, I need to get rid of this jetlag. I think you do that by eating lots and lots of chocolate. Right...?  

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Photos by Megan Smellaby