Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Outlet Shopping: New York Style

Hello there! Behold, the first of my New York posts as promised. I think I told you why we were there, but I'll tell you again just for funsies. Myself, Megan and Em headed out for a few days of mall shopping with Simon Malls, who own a serious of ridiculously amazing shopping and outlet centres across Amurca. We were, of course, there to hit up three that sit around New York City. Normally I just wander in and out of individual stores and boutiques when I'm away so this was a bit of a change for me, but oh my god I loved it. Especially because it was absolutely bloody freezing so it was nice to be in the comfort of a mall or little outlet village. So, get yourself a cup of tea (only if you want to, I'm not demanding it or anything) and I'll talk you through my favourites and why they might be one to add to your list.

IMG_9024 kjb IMG_8957 ugb IMG_8955 IMG_8954 IMG_8960 PicMonkey Collage IMG_8964 asdkjn
This was the first of the malls we visited and is one of the most beautifully lit centres I've ever been in... just look at all those glass ceilings! It's kind of like being in a big, sunlit botanical gardens except, y'know, with shops. There are over 270 shops there - my favourites being Free People (oh yes), Urban Outfitters (I know we have it at home but it's a really good 'un), Forever21 (as before), Sephora, Burberry and MCM - and it's only a forty minute train ride from the city centre. Oh, and it's also really close to the beach so you could have half a day of shopping and then half a day of sunning yourself if you so fancied. A dreamier combo has never existed. One thing you need to check out is Neiman Marcus, not only for the uh-mazing brands they stock, but for their 360 degree mirror. It takes a wee video of you as you spin in front of it and plays it back so that you can see yourself from every angle in whatever you're trying on. No need to ask 'does my butt look big in this?', the mirror will tell you all. I got a wee snap of Em or Megan (I can't remember who because my brain is mush) using it so you'll see that in my vlog!

We stopped off for some lunch at Seasons52 restaurant which I'm gonna say that you have to do. That's right, HAVE TO. Those big long pizza flatbreads were for starters (I know), followed by some delicious scallops and risotto, finished off with - the only non GF thing so I could only stare at them longingly - lots of mini desserts. Here's the crazy part... everything on the menu is under 475 calories. I know, I don't know how either.

Roosevelt Field MallEast Garden City, New York

IMG_8978 The Little Magpie YSL IMG_8972 yi IMG_8976 IMG_9033 IMG_8967 IMG_8965 IMG_8973 IMG_8977 IMG_7703
This was my absolute favourite, and I think it was everyone else's favourite too - it seriously is a shopper's paradise. The 250 shops make up this beautiful little village, at the foot of the Catskill Mountains no less, that you can walk around at your own pace. Because it was snowing when we were there it felt like we were wandering around the Swiss Alps just casually doing a bit of outlet shopping. You can hop on the coach just off of Times Square and you're there in 40-45 minutes; me and Megs talked the whole time so it literally felt like we were there in 5. They have every designer brand you could ever dream of, from Maje and Sandro (my favourites) to Acne to YSL to Givenchy to... you get the picture. I picked myself up a little sum' sum in both All Saints and Sandro which you'll see soon and had to try hard to refrain from buying any more... ie those YSL polka dot boots which I've only spent EVERY NIGHT SINCE DREAMING ABOUT. Kidding, but I do wish I'd bought them in all their half price goodness. The discounts vary, in some shops they're incredible and in some they're not quite as good (thanks to the ruddy exchange rate) but there are incredible bargains to be had - for example, Sandro had 40% off the ticketed price and then a further 20% off that which almost reduced me to a happy, weeping mess. They've got wifi throughout - important details here - and a new Shake Shack too so you really just can't fault it in any way. Well worth a visit!

Woodbury Common Premium OutletsCentral Valley, New York

We finished up our trip at The Mills at Jersey Gardens, which is literally a 10 minute drive from Newark airport so is the perfect place to spend some time before a flight. Oh and, most importantly, it's tax free. Huzzah! There are around 200 shops and a mix of high street and outlet stores, like Forever21, H&M, Victoria's Secret and - my favourite - a Coach outlet. I literally almost bought half of it which you'll see in the vlog. I'm not proud of it, no. 


Once again, thank you to Simon Malls for the best shopping trip a gal could dream of.