Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's Red, It's Bodycon, It's Great

IMG_1997 The Little Magpie MIssguided Red Midi Dress IMG_1951
MISSGUIDED red mini dress | ASOS strappy wedges (old now, I'm afraid)

Hello there! I'm off to the Christmas markets tonight (party game: do a shot every time Amy says the word 'Christmas') so I won't stay long, but I just wanted to share these snaps with you because I think this dress miiiiight just be the best thing in the world. After Kettle Chips, that is. As soon as I spotted it on the Missguided website I heard harps playing and children laughing. When you know, you know and all that. Plus, the material's nice and scuba-y so it sucks you right in, ie you can dine on mince pies till the cows come home.

Oh, and it's perfect for acting like a flamingo in.


Ahem. Anyway, here's a wee round up of my top Missguided picks below! If you're a student, I've just noticed that they've got 20% off for you at the moment. You lucky, lucky ducks.