Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Big Christmas Gift Guide

Hello there! Today's post I am ridiculously excited about. That's right, it's finally time for me to drop the C-bomb. CHRISTMAAAAAAS. And I'm not at all sorry. As you can tell from my very cryptic title, I've put together a big ole Christmas wishlist for you, and it's one with a very rose gold theme. I know, I'm excited to. Without further ado...

Oh, wait - put some Michael Buble on before you read this. Done? Ok, now let's go.

image_00010 ORAL B Genius the little magpie
The Toothbrush: ... That's right, that is indeed a rose gold toothbrush. The b-e-a-utiful Limited Edition Oral-B GENIUS 9000 in Rose Gold to be specific and, depressingly, I think it might be more trendy than I am. We all know how big an Oral B fan me and my teeth already are, but this metallic wonder is in a whole league of its own. First thing's first, it's in the Black Friday sale for BETTER THAN HALF FRIGGIN' PRICE. This is not a drill, people. But I'm sure you want to know a little bit about it and why it would make a ruddy fantastic gift, right? So, it's their most technologically advanced toothbrush - fancy, I know - that's been given a trendy wendy makeover; I can guarantee its little rose gold jacket alone makes it the perfect gift for any beauty lovers out there. You might remember it from my Instagram video but, just in case, I'll tell you again now. It's got everything you could ever need, really. It has triple pressure sensor technology that alerts you if you're brushing too hard (which happens to me every single night, I won't lie), smartphone recognition (basically your phone links up with your toothbrush to make sure you're not missing any areas of your mouth and are spending the right amount of time on each, it's magic) and you can personalise it with one of twelve coloured lights that lights up as you brush (I have mine on pink and there it shall remain). The brush head is made to mimic the tools dentists use to gently polish away surface stains, so, pair that with the Perfection toothpaste - which features Oral-B's most advanced whitening 'Glass-H' technology - and you're going to be left with a smile that'll rival Rylan's. Last but not least, it comes with a handy little travel case that charges both your toothbrush AND your phone.

I know this is a lot of info to throw at you, but it's a product that I genuinely lurrrve and have been using for a good half a year now, so I could talk about it and it's impressive ways forever. I now own both the original and this version  - I have no excuse to have bad teeth ever again, I know - and can tell you that it's an excellent toothbrush. But, since it's the season of gifting and all, the GENIUS rose gold edition just has that little sum' sum' extra. Ooh - I should also mention that it's stocked exclusively at Boots and, so if you fancy picking one up as a gift (or for yourself, it's ok, I won't judge) then that's where to head!

The Mug: Have you ever seen a better mug? I'm a real mug fiend - cough, addict with a severe problem - but I think this might be my favourite one I've found this year. If there's one phrase that accurately depicts me when I'm just up, pre-morning cup of tea, it's hot mess. 

The Coaster: A coaster might seem like a bit of an odd Christmas gift, but strangely I've given them as presents at least twice this year. How many were binned after I left I don't know. This one caught my eye because of the rose gold - and I'm a real sucker for lettered product too - plus if you're giving someone the gift of a mug then it's a nice little added extra! Oliver Bonas has some wonderful Christmas gifts in this year so they're a good one to browse if in need of inspiration (and if you manage to leave with nothing but gifts for other people and nothing for yourself then let me know how) 

The Travel Bag: Ain't it beautiful? As you all very well know, I travel quite a lot but am yet to find the perfect day bag. But what do we have here? Neutral tones? Check? Suede and leather? Check? METALLIC DETAILING? Check. I think we're onto a winner... winner chicken dinner. Sorry, couldn't help it.

The Tealight Holder: This gem I picked up in TK Maxx last week, so not THAT shoppable (I know, I'm sorry) but it felt wrong not to include it. I love getting and giving a good candle for Christmas, but a tealight holder is another nice alternative. Especially when it's got stars all over and can be held like a lantern when you want to pretend you're on a ghost tour.

The Clock: You can't go wrong with a little clock can you? This one's from the London Clock Company and would make the purrfect bedside accompaniment. 

The Olivia Burton Set: Ah, again another firm favourite of mine, I'm sure you've seen a good few grace my wrists over the years, and I've given a couple as gifts as well (not to the same people that got the coasters, they're lucky enough) because I really do just think they're lovely. However, exciting news klaxon, they've now got a jewellery line too! Not only that, but they have lovely little disc bracelets in the range that you can get engraved with names, dates or even a wee short message (AKA 'best' and 'friends'. That's right, we were all thinking it). Lovely innit?

image_00011 Oral B  rose gold genius toothbrush review image_00008
The Camera: My polaroid's one of the best things to grace my life, I'd sleep cuddling it if it were socially accepted. It's something I've always wanted but never really got round to buying (406 Topshop tops? Sure. Something I really want? I'll hold off just now, thanks) so it's been a long time coming. I went for the Instax mini because they're not too expensive and are nice and light to carry around, if not a little bulky but I can live with that. I like the idea of only being able to have one go at a photo, and I'm terrible at getting my iPhone photos printed so it's nice to have some physical snaps to hang up around the house.

The Photo Frame: ...Which brings me to my next gift idea. Where to hang them? I bought a little pin board type thing from Primark to put mine in, but I've been on the lookout for little glass frames for my favourite photos and finally found some in, you guessed it, Oliver Bonas! They come with little ribbons attached so you can hang them around the house as you please (plus they're not too expensive either). 

The Lingerie: Since trying them for the first time last year, Fleur of England's become my favourite lingerie brand; their pieces fit like an absolute dream and are so delicate that I guarantee you'll feel more ladylike than Princess Kate in them. These two sets here are the, (I need to look up the names of the sets online!) but I also own the and the (superfan, I know) and I'd recommend them all. If you're looking for something a bit more special then I think these would make the perfect gift,; to be honest if someone bought me Fleur I'd marry them there and then.

PB155625 image_00001
The Eyeshadow & Blush: I've always loved a good Bobbi Brown eyeshadow, and this one is no exception. I'm a nude/brown kinda gal so the entire Wine and Chocolate collection is right up my street. Pair it with the brightening blush (this one's the pink truffle one) and you've got the dream duo right there. Plus, the packaging is just wonderful.

The Brush Set:... And while we're on that note I've also popped in the Bobbi Brown brush set, which would make the perfect gift for any beauty-lovin' gal, especially one who travels. There's everything from a full coverage brush to an eyeshadow brush in there, and the best part is that you don't compromise on size - the heads remain full-sized and only actual handles are travel sized. Plus they comes in a pretty sassy burgundy case.

The All-In-One-Palette: My Christmas wishlists wouldn't be complete without a little bit of Tom Ford now, would they? This one's the Soleil eye and cheek palette in warm and is absolutely perfect for the festive season with it's sparkly 'shadows. Again, I'm going to bring it back round the packaging because hellllooo ivory and gold. Christmas. Is. In. TOWN.

The Perfume: My Burberry Black perfume is one that I've only just started using in the past month or so but me oh my is it love. It's delicious! I'm a very, very fussy perfumer wearer - I can only think of four off the top of my head that I actually like - so this is a big accolade. We've got everything from a bit of jasmine, to a bit of peach to a bit of rose in there. It's quite strong, so you only need a couple of skooshes, and incredibly long-lasting; you can still smell it on you when you wake up the next day. And if there's one thing I like, it's waking up smelling like Burberry.

The Diary: Because who doesn't need a diary? This is the exact same one I have this year except, y'know, it says 2017 on the front. It's from good old Paperchase and has both weekly view and calendar view, plus a nice amount of space for notes and contacts. And it fits in with this metallic theme of mine pretttty nicely. 

And there we have it! A little round up of some of my top gift recommendations this year which, thank to Black Friday, are almost all in sale. Huzzah!


Oral-B introduces the latest and most glamorous addition to its GENIUS smart toothbrush range: The Limited Edition Oral-B GENIUS 9000 in Rose Gold, turning their most technologically advanced power brush, the signature Oral-B GENIUS 9000, into a stylish beauty icon in this year’s must-have colour! Post in collaboration with the wonderful OralB. All views, Christmas excitement and standing on chairs to get the perfect flat-lay my own.