Friday, October 28, 2016

Moon Boots

The Little Magpie Senso Silver Boots The Little Magpie Reiss Suede Jacket 18 The Little Magpie Reiss Suede Jacket 12 The Little Magpie Reiss Suede Jacket 13 The Little Magpie Reiss Suede Jacket 5 The Little Magpie Reiss Suede Jacket 16

First up, how wonderful are these sunglasses? The little teddy bears are so cute they almost made my ovaries hurt.

The suede sleeveless jacket from Reiss is one of my favourite things I've owned this year, it's so easy to pop on over anything and, let's not beat around the bush, it's pretty badass. Nothing about me is badass, so at least I have that. The Senso boots - which I've spoken a little bit about/declared my undying love for on here before I think? -  are another thing favourite of mine. They're just so unusual and space-y and comfortable. What more could you want in a shoe? Particularly the space thing, I mean.

I'm going back to my resting position now (seriously, will this tonsillitis ever end) but I shall return with some brand spanking new posts soon.



Unknown said...

Everything about this outfit is gorg-e-pus, buuut, those shoes are everything! Omg theyre so perfect!

Dana |

Maeva said...

Your silver boots look awesome!

Holl JC said...

So so gorgeous Amy, I adore those sunglasses! x

The Style Rawr said...

Those boots, that bag! LOVE your statement sunnies and also love that you're repping GQ - one of my fave Brizzle stores. <3

Tara x

claudia said...

Looove those boots!

Jenny said...

I'm loving how well these boots stand out and make a statement when paired with such simple pieces! Love how you've styled them x

Jenny | Krystel Couture

Kristina said...

The boots are stunning but can we talk about THOSE BOMB SUNGLASSES?? OMG LOVE!

Creepers & Cupcakes

Emma Lisa said...

Those boots are gorgeous and I love how you've styled them! x

the gold lipstick said...

Love it!

Mireia from TGL

Laura said...

I love how well your boots & hair go together! Such a great outfit and those ridiculously cute sunglasses are definitely the crowning glory.

Hope you feel better soon - tonsillitis is horrible! x

Laura // Middle of Adventure

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