Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blue Hair

IMG_1119 image_00031 The Little Magpie River Island Kimono image_00006 image_00017 image_00009
RIVER ISLAND jacket (similar version here too!) | TOPSHOP cami top | DOROTHY PERKINS jeans | GEMPORIA ring | NEW LOOK suede boots

Oh hello, here we have a little throwback to when my hair was blue. And I have on what I think might just be River Island's best work yet, AKA the little white coat of dreams. Nice innit? I've worn it a lot over summer, but this time I just paired it with jeans and a wee cami because it was particularly chilly that day (that's Scotland in August for you). I've also tried to pretty up my fingers with a beautiful little circle ring from Gemporia who do the most beautiful gems in the world (they wouldn't look out of place in The Princess Diaries and that's really the highest accolade I can give).

Now, I have some verrrrry exciting news to share with you, so keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a wee update!

I'm not pregnant, Dad, I promise.