Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Win a trip to New York!

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Hiya wee hunnies. Hows it going? As you can probably guess from the title, today's post brings with it an opportunity to go to New Yawwwk, but first I'll give you a wee quick run through of the outfit. The dress is from the wonderful Revolve and has since been deemed my princess dress, for obvious reasons. I've spoken a bit in the past about how much I friggin love Revolve's vast selection of maxi dresses, so I won't do it again, but I really, really do. Plus, the off the shoulder straps on this one make me feel all warm inside. The hat, in all honesty, was a mistake. It turned out to be world's windiest day - as you can perhaps tell by my mental hair - and, quite frankly, I felt like a fool . However, we live and learn, next time I'll consider the gail force winds I hear at my window before I leave with a straw hat on. The ring is a recent addition to my life and I just love it, it's so different to anything I've seen before. As you can maybe tell, I've got a bit of a bumblebee thing going on as of late, from this watch to abusing the bee snapchat filter... I'm out of control. The more bee themed things in my life, the better I say! Also, I have new hair don't I? But that story's for another post.

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Right, are you sitting there like, 'yadda yadda yadda, shut up about bees and tell us how we can go to New York'? You are, aren't you. Well, it's actually very easy. Good old Sunglasses Shop - who are one of my favourite sites - are running a competition with a grand prize of a £5000 all-inclusive trip to the Big Apple with (wait for it) a whopping £1000 spending money and tickets to a top NYC attraction, be it basketball or Broadway. All together now.. woooooow. 

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So, how do you enter I hear you ask? Well, it's very simple really. All you have to do is identify your face shape and upload a selfie wearing your favourite pair of Ray-Bans, tagging @sunglassesshop and using thehashtag #SGSFaceShape. 'But Amy, I don't own any Ray-Bans?'. Worry not! You can either borrow a loving friend's (although I think you'd probably have to take them with you if you win, so choose wisely), or you can use the template SGS have kindly provided. The download link for the template, along with all the competition details, is on this page here! You get to colour in if you like, it's very fun. Last but not least, unlike most competitions, you can enter as many times as you like and on any social platform, as long as you tag and hashtag away! If you don't have social media, or don't want to use it, you can also enter via e-mail at sgsfaceshape@myoptiquegroup.com. That last part there's for you, Gran. 

Oh - and it runs until midnight on the 14th August!

Wow, I did not mean to talk for so long there. I'm just genuinely so excited about this one, I think it's a great prize. Geez a wee comment below if you enter and, if you win, then pleeeease let me know so I can follow your travels!

Bon chance, good luck, Viel Glück!
Post in collaboration with my favourite guys, Ray Ban and Sunglasses Shop


Unknown said...

This is such an amazing prize! Loving the dress too x


claudia said...

Wow I love that maxi dress, it's so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Love your dress, looks gorgeous on you! Sophie x


Unknown said...

What a beautiful dress! x


thefashion-junkie said...

Love your dress. It's gorg! X


Ashley Christabelle said...

Oh my gosh, that dress is dayum GORGEOUS! xx


Holl JC said...

Such a babe Amy, so so beautiful! That dress is just divine! x


Luxrose said...

This dress is so pretty, personally I think the hat was a great decision! :)


Marmalade said...

Check you out blondie, hair looks awesome

Mel x


the gold lipstick said...

The dress is gorgeous and the competition is amazing!

Mireia from TGL

MyLunaRose said...

Very pretty dress 😇

Natoya said...

Everytime I read your post i do it in a Scottish accent... I must stop : ) . The dress is beautiful on you and you totally did not look like a fool wearing your straw hat in that wind, p.s the back drop photo shoot is back alley grime meets princess I LOVE IT! : ) xoxo


Dylana Suarez said...

You look stunning in that dress!



Unknown said...

Beaut dress girl, and this trip sounds the complete DREAM!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

Hannah said...

Absolutely stunning!

Hannah | Oh January

Virgos and Kisses said...

That maxi is everything!


Kristina said...

If I didn't lose my passport recently I would enter this competition straight away! Dammit!

ps- you look stunning in this dress!

Creepers & Cupcakes

7sevendays said...

urban princess



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dreamofadventures said...

Wow that dress looks incredible on you! Love the off the shoulder look on you! =o)


Passionnante & Passionnée said...

amazing dress


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