Thursday, July 14, 2016

Win 2 Tickets to Lovebox Festival!

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Hello little muffins! Boy do I have exciting news for you. The lovely EOS are sending me to Lovebox festival this weekend, and they've only gone and given me two tickets and an EOS festival survival kit for one of you guys to win... exciting right? EOS was a brand I only discovered a couple of years ago through my brother when I sat confused, watching him rub a little ball on his lips. Turns out it was world's sassiest lipbalm! As well as coming in a million flavours (complete with matching colourful packaging), they're completely natural and organic and are one of the few lipbalms I've found - cough my brother found - that do actually help keep your little lips hydrated and soft. Poifect for when you're out all day in the sun at a festival!

Now for the fun part, just comment below letting me know why you need EOS in your festival it-kits (whether it be that you're drawn to the colours, that you're tired of using beer to wet your lips at festivals, or that you just really like spheres) and make sure to leave an e-mail address or a twitter handle so I can get in touch if you win! I shall also be running it over on my Instagram so you can comment there if you'd rather!

Bon chance,