Thursday, July 14, 2016

Win 2 Tickets to Lovebox Festival!

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Hello little muffins! Boy do I have exciting news for you. The lovely EOS are sending me to Lovebox festival this weekend, and they've only gone and given me two tickets and an EOS festival survival kit for one of you guys to win... exciting right? EOS was a brand I only discovered a couple of years ago through my brother when I sat confused, watching him rub a little ball on his lips. Turns out it was world's sassiest lipbalm! As well as coming in a million flavours (complete with matching colourful packaging), they're completely natural and organic and are one of the few lipbalms I've found - cough my brother found - that do actually help keep your little lips hydrated and soft. Poifect for when you're out all day in the sun at a festival!

Now for the fun part, just comment below letting me know why you need EOS in your festival it-kits (whether it be that you're drawn to the colours, that you're tired of using beer to wet your lips at festivals, or that you just really like spheres) and make sure to leave an e-mail address or a twitter handle so I can get in touch if you win! I shall also be running it over on my Instagram so you can comment there if you'd rather!

Bon chance,


Unknown said...

Amazing! Love the pictures too.

I went to Glastonbury this year and an eos would've been so handy. Hydrated lips are a life saver when you've got a bit of a hangover, and especially with how lovely they smell - would've been a nice change from the norm after a few days in a field ;)

Love your blog xx

Rosie said...

I'd love to go to Lovebox with EOS. As a pale ginge I'm always battling dry lips when I'm outside and I adore the EOS bright colour balls!! I think the festival survival kit would come in especially handy as I'd take my fella with me to celebrate his birthday this weekend if I won :)

Rosie x

Anonymous said...

eos should be a must at any festival its colourful, you can guarantee that it'll last you the whole time and most importantly it can fit in my bumbag!! this survival kit would definitely come in handy and it would be amaze to go to love box


Natasha said...

Just your fab pictures make me want an EOS!! However the main reason I would love one (especially at a festival) is because I adore wearing vivid matte lipstains and I need my lips to be in perfect condition to wear these. Therefore an amazing handy to carry EOS would definitely do the job for keeping my lips hydrated and ready for matte action! Would love to try this out at Lovebox!! :)

Tash xx

Anonymous said...

I would love one of these because my lips always need hydrating and the colours are so beautiful!!

dreamofadventures said...

I found Eos a few years ago and love the different scents, the cute size that fits into my smallest purse or even pocket of my jeans =o) I can mix and match the different colors with my outfit or mood =o)

Lovely photos and I hope you have an incredible time at lovebox festival =o)

Heather said...

I've always wanted to try EOS products, they look so purty and in all honesty, I could probably use them right now! My lips are most damaged in summer after a long wait for University exam results - luckily I passed, so now would be a good time to celebrate with good music, good company and good vibes at Lovebox. More to the point, I haven't saw my boyfriend in 6 months, and he comes home in August so I better start showing my lips some love and make these smoochers soft and... smoochy (Is that a word?) for our reunion! Lool - good luck all xx

Twitter: @heathermaraj
Instagram: @sexandthecityquotes

Heather said...

*shout out all the nervous lip biters

Izzy Roberts said...

I definitely need (not just want) to get me an EOS to survive a festival. Mine was my saviour at Glastonbury but I lost it to the abyss which was the long drop toilets.

I think I need some sort of therapy (I find festival tickets work a treat) to get over sticking my head down there to check whether it had gone...

Izzy x

Jess said...

Discovered these babies in the states and have been hooked since. Love the smell, colour and texture. I always take them out with me and they're perfect for a festival because no one wants to jump out of a portaloo and stick their fingers in a greasy tin!
Theyre super cute too - my own lil personal pokemon ball (and on deck just in case i meet a boy to kiss by the main stage ;))

Awesome blog btw



Anonymous said...

Hey Amy!
I've used eos lip balms for a while now, my absolute fave is the coconut balm - I sometimes have to stop myself from putting it on just to lick it :) the shape is cute too. I have no doubt the survival kit would come in useful at a festival - if sunny, windy & hungover lips get so chapped! Not sure if it would have some of their other products in there too but would be keen to try them.

I'd love to try the survival kit @ Lovebox, grab a cocktail with you & have a boogie :) I just got a new job it would be the perfect celebration!

Love your blog.
Holly xx

Unknown said...

I want to give them a go! I've not got very full lips so only have to use lip balm when I'm out in the sun for a time. I just like the packaging really! @georgiecurl

Unknown said...

I just want to go really

Sophie said...

It's easy to find in my black bag with that extra pop of colour glowing through! As well as keeping lips soft, lip balm is great for sticking glitter on :) adding extra sparkle to your cheeks! xx

Unknown said...

As someone who has never tried eos products, I think the perfect place to try them would be at Lovebox! Nothing worse than dry lips when you're trying to dance into the early hours ��������

Anonymous said...

My lips get really dry. Like to have moist lips, all the better for kissing as well!

Twitter: brisk2londinium

Anonymous said...

because my bank account is about as empty as all my eos lip balm pots

help a gal out x

Unknown said...

Love these teeny little balls of magic hydration! I have a real problem with dry lips so these would be a life saver!! Gorge!!

Unknown said...

An absolute saviour when it comes to dancing about all night at festivals. (Plus LCD are amazing and I really want to go and dance in a field with my friends while they play.)

Unknown said...

Hey Amy,

I need these little badboys in my life as the last thing you want to do at a festival is leave the queue for a drink or head out of the dj tent looking for your friend with the lipstick when you need a little sprucing up!
The flavours (I've heard) are amazing! Plus who wants to carry around a tub of vaseline, so old school.. no thank you!

The colours would definitely be matching my outfit too! Winning!!

JaynieShannonx said...

I love these photos! I've never tried one of these, my lips are ALWAYS dry. I may give it a go!

Jaynie Shannon *


THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

Lovely photos!
|| D I A N A ||

lucy said...

These are a life saver whilst sat at a desk all day - multitasking heaven! @lucyadelewatson

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than buying a new lipstick to match your outfit for a festival, getting to the festival, then realising this 'moisturising' new lipstick makes your lips dryer than a stone.. EOS lip balm is the saviour of dry lips, by either applying it prior to using any other gloss or a quick go over whilst you're on the dancefloor. I've tried many lip balms and this has to be the Queen B of them all! With one of these circular treats in your bag there's no need for constant toilet breaks or mirror checks to ensure your lips are still plumped and ready for that festival selfie!

Heather Baber,

Natoya said...

I need to try these, I have seen them in the past and they look so cute, sorry piofect : ) xoxo.

Elise Von E said...

Amazing photos!! Beautiful!!

xx, Elise

Unknown said...

Ohh these are so cute, I love eos lip balms - they're the perfect size and the bright colours make them so much more easy to find, I'm forever loosing my lip balms! Also love your nails!

Millie x // Millie’s Wardrobe

VĂ¢nia Andrade said...

Love the photos <3

Unknown said...

I keep asking my hubby for his lip therapy and he gets annoyed telling me why don't I get my own on so this is my perfect chance of getting a real nice one that he will envy ha ha :) my twitter handle is @Lillly_ if you wanna let me know the great news of winning :P thanks Monika

Luxrose said...

What a great giveaway, I hope you have an amazing time!

Who wouldn't want to go to Lovebox with Eos, no matter what you get on your hands (and at a festival it can be anything and everything) your lips will stay germ free and silky smooth with these delicious perfect little spheres :)

@luxrosee /

Isi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isi said...

I need EOS because I'd hopefully be snogging lots of boys.... my lips need to be in top kissing condition, yassss queen ;) x

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I need EOS as last year I bit my poor little lips to death and no one wants kiss a single girl with bleeding lios. Save me the horror and send me to get some Oove at love box!

Rosie posie

Freedom. said...

I need EOS because I love spheres and I'm heading to 3 festivals this year... 3!

Diane Wood said...

Having a teen daughter who is super cool (her words!) and usually ahead of The Game, I'd love some EOS (not to mention tickets to LoveBox!) so she can be in awe once more, of her once supercool mum!Thanks

Unknown said...

Have to be festival ready, and the most important thing is to be hydrated - especially your lips ;) always, always EOS!

Unknown said...

My lips are constantly as dry as the sahara, even without the singing drinking and eating that are an essential part of any festival. A supply of EOS during a festival would enable the partying to continue, lip chafe free, something that fellow dry lipped gals can understand!

MI girl said...

Loving the overhead shot. Yes...I would love to go to this festival.

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