Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kenzo Gets Girly

Kenzo jumper the little magpie Kenzo jumper the little magpie 8 Kenzo jumper the little magpie 7 Kenzo jumper the little magpie 77 Kenzo jumper the little magpie 5
H&M cream midi skirt (similar) | KENZO jumper via VERY EXCLUSIVE | ZARA suede bag | ASOS platforms

Bit of a girly outfit for me, huh? I find summer dressing really hard because I'm not a fan of my general leg area, so midi skirts are often my go-to as they're nice and cool but keep those rugby player-esque pins tucked safely away. I paired it with this snazzy little Kenzo sweat as it was still a little cool - Scottish summer and all that - and to stop the outfit from getting too girly. God forbid. I've just noticed it's now in the sale along with lots of other bits, so if anyone's been after a wee Kenzo piece (or anything else designer, really) then check it out!

Right, one is off down South today so I better get my butt in gear and pack myself a bag. I'm getting my hair done first (finally) so I'll post a little snap on my Instagram soon! I've gone for a few different variations of brown the past year or so, so today I think I'm going to go for something a bit different. We'll see how brave I actually am when I'm in the chair though.