Sunday, July 17, 2016

I've Got Blue Hair!

The Little Magpie Blue Hair 4 The Little Magpie Blue Hair The Little Magpie Blue Hair 3 The Little Magpie Blue Hair 6 The Little Magpie Blue Hair 5

... This probably won't be news to you if you follow me over on Twitter or Instagram but, yes, my hair is now Smurf-coloured! And it was done the the wonderful ladies over at Number659 who I couldn't recommend more. I actually only went in for brown (lol) but after perving through their instagram and seeing how shamazing they were with colour I decided to go grey-blue. As you can see, it was bleached first (which I'm kind of thinking might be the next colour I go for, I did enjoy being a temporary Malfoy) and then dyed blue; a dark denim colour at the roots, leading into an icy blue at the ends. The best part is that it changes slightly every time I wash it - it's currently sitting at a nice silvery-blue colour that makes my heart tickle. If anyone has any questions about the process/styling la dee da then leave them below and I'll put together a little post with some answers soon!

Once again, thank you to the little hair wizards that are Kirsty and Stacey for giving me the mermaid hair of my dreams!



Ashley Christabelle said...

Honestly this is the coolest color I've seen on a hair so far! And the fact is, YOU ROCK IT SO WELL! I love it so much. <3

Десислава Валентинова said...

This hair is soooo YOU! I love it! <3


Holl JC said...

Your hair looks incredible Amy! So stunning and so cool! x

Hannah said...

Looks so lovely!

Nikki LLL Blog said...

I ABSO BLOODY LOOTLEY LOVE THIS HAIR ON YOU!! You look unbelievable with it, I love it so much. I don't think I'm cool enough to pull this look off, but I have sooo much inspo right now <3

N xx | Lovelaughslipstick x

Jordan said...

This is such a nice hair color, I wish I could pull off this color.

Laura said...

Love this colour on you - so bold and something a bit different! I think it really suits you. :) I also think you would rock the Malfoy look too!

Laura // Middle of Adventure

JaynieShannonx said...

So this is the coolest hair colour I've ever seen! Hands down! Wish I was allowed different coloured hair, my I'm not able to anymore because of work :(!

Jaynie Shannon *


Isabelle Kate said...

Oh my goodness this is so beautiful, and so exciting! You suit this hair so much.

Isabelle | ♡

Jenna Fifi said...

That colour is gorgeous!

Jenna ||

Unknown said...

ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS - blue is my fave colour and if I could ever dye it I would do something similar; love how it's a piece of art in itself and adds to your outfits.

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

Amber Baker said...

This is such a unique shade, and it looks lovely on you! Enjoy it!

Amber -

Patricia G. said...

I love your hair so much!!!

Ivy Moonchild said...

This is absolutely amazing!! That colour has so much depth and I just love it ❤

Kristina said...

You can pull off this colour so nicely! I'm jealous ;)
Love it!

Creepers & Cupcakes

Unknown said...

I'm so freakin' in love with the new hair!!

xo Lauren

Faith said...

Serious perfection! Love, love!

Kelita said...

Very nice! The cool toned grey and blue suits you

Ilah E said...

Ooooh I love this a lot! This colour looks amazing and you totally pull it off! Xx


Unknown said...

Looks beaut!!

My Blog / Paige Joanna


dreamofadventures said...

Your hair looks amazing! My sister just had her hair done and also went with a blue tint =o) Looks great!

Jenna Opsahl said...

Ughhhhh this is so amazing! I am so jealous. I have red hair and if I dye it, it probably won't ever go back to it's natural state. Otherwise I would definitely be doing this. Love it so much.


Truc said...

Your hair makes me want to dye my hair like that! It's soooo pretty!

Holly Read said...

I love this colour, it looks so good on you!!
Holly x

The Twins' Wardrobe

Caroline said...

Looks amazing! I honestly think you're one of those people that could pull of any colour.. :)


Unknown said...

Coolest hair colour I have seen!! Love it!!

Unknown said...

WIFEY LOOK AT YOU!!!! <3 Hair looks So babe in' as always!

Hayley xo

Piia Õ. said...

This is sooo dreamy! You're totally rocking it!


Emma Lisa said...

This colour looks amazing on you! I'd never be brave enough to do it on my own hair so I'll just admire yours! x

Natoya said...

You look simply gorgeous sweetie whatever your hair colour, the blue/grey suits you : ) xoxo

Paloma in Disguise said...

You hair looks abso-bloody-lutely shamazing! Love it!

Hannah x
Paloma in Disguise

Unknown said...

LOVE IT. So edgy but really classy at the same time.

Georgina Clarke x</

7sevendays said...

the braid is super

the gold lipstick said...

This color is amazing and looks gorgeous on you!

Mireia from TGL

MI girl said...

YEEEEEESSSS I love everything about this right now. I don't know how your makeup is so perfect when you get your hair done because mine always messes up BUT I know you look flawless. So beautiful!

The Style Rawr said...

It's BEAUT. Are you going kinda grey now? I love that too. I've always wanted beautiful grey hair. Maybe one day, right? HA!

T x

Anonymous said...

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