Sunday, July 17, 2016

I've Got Blue Hair!

The Little Magpie Blue Hair 4 The Little Magpie Blue Hair The Little Magpie Blue Hair 3 The Little Magpie Blue Hair 6 The Little Magpie Blue Hair 5

... This probably won't be news to you if you follow me over on Twitter or Instagram but, yes, my hair is now Smurf-coloured! And it was done the the wonderful ladies over at Number659 who I couldn't recommend more. I actually only went in for brown (lol) but after perving through their instagram and seeing how shamazing they were with colour I decided to go grey-blue. As you can see, it was bleached first (which I'm kind of thinking might be the next colour I go for, I did enjoy being a temporary Malfoy) and then dyed blue; a dark denim colour at the roots, leading into an icy blue at the ends. The best part is that it changes slightly every time I wash it - it's currently sitting at a nice silvery-blue colour that makes my heart tickle. If anyone has any questions about the process/styling la dee da then leave them below and I'll put together a little post with some answers soon!

Once again, thank you to the little hair wizards that are Kirsty and Stacey for giving me the mermaid hair of my dreams!