Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Meli Melo Bebe

The Little Magpie Meli Melo Bag 12 The Little Magpie Meli Melo Bag 26 The Little Magpie Meli Melo Bag 21 The Little Magpie Meli Melo Bag 25 The Little Magpie Meli Melo Bag 19
TOPSHOP high waisted trousers | H&M cropped jumper (old) | SEREFIM gold ring | ASOS lace-up platforms | MELI MELO zip detail bag

Photos by the shamazing Amber Rose

Ello, ello! Here I am wearing yet another variation of those Toppers trousers.. I think I honestly must own about six pairs of them and I only feel a little bit dirty saying that. They're just so comfortable and they actually fit me in length and that just never happens. The jumper you'll probably recognise; it's been in my life/heart for a good four years and is still one of my favourite things ever.. Cropped jumpers are my favie and it really is very hard so find a good one, especially one with cropped sleeves. Don't worry, I'm very aware of how big a first world problem that sounds. I've just realised I'm wearing the shoes that I pretty much live in too... I do have a new bag though so it's not all old rags. It's from Meli Melo, who are a brand I hadn't heard of before but oh my I ruddy love them. This one was my favourites because of the colour combo (you know how much I like a bright colour palette) and the lovely zip detail, but they've also got a shamazing leopard print one and, really, just a whole selection of beautiful bag goodness. I've also got on some new ring bling actually, so at least my fingers are getting kitted out even if my body's not. The gold and black ring is from the amazing Serefim (check them out if you haven't already, their jewels are beautiful) and the big black one was a birthday gift from my Dad, a little slice of Murano glass from Venice (with love, bebe), snazzy huh? 

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