Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Feels Like Home: My Morning Routine


Aloha! Today we're back to beauty (told you it'd be back, Arnie style, didn't I), but with a little bit of interiors mixed in too. That's right, my morning routine PLUS a bathroom tour while we're at it. 2-4-1 and all that. This little combo is actually inspired by Christy's and their new 'Feel Like Home' campaign. As you know, I travel a lot with my blog, and one thing that always makes me feel a little more settled and at home is going through my beauty routine - same products and all - as I would at home. So no matter where I am in the world, my skin's going through the same (or roughly the same - sometimes there'll be a thicker moisturiser there or an extra drop of oil there) routine. Poetic, I know. However, today's post is set in my very own abode, because what feels more at home than actually being at home. Are you ready for your little interiors/beauty tour?

Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 3 Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 5

I did touch on skincare a little last week, so today's post is looping back and talk you through my morning bring-me-back-to-life routine. As you can tell I'm a bit of a Liz Earle fan. Ok, understatement of the century - I friggin love Liz Earle. My make-up and skincare products do change quite regularly, but one product I've used religiously since first trying it is the hot cloth cleanse and polish, honestly you can't beat it. I use it morning and night for cleansing and a light exfoliation and afterwards my skin's always like, 'thank you'. Well, if it could talk, that's definitely what it'd be saying. I also use their toner as well as their eye lotion and cream to brighten up my eyes, as generally they look like little puffed up pigs eyes in the morning (which is actually quite offensive to pigs). Moisturiser-wise, I've been using Kiehl's for over a year now as it's nice and lightweight and has SPF50 built in. Good luck penetrating through that one, sun. Hair-wise, I've only just started using Maria Nila products, but couldn't rate them any more highly. The smell is truly delightful (sometimes I just sit in the shower and sniff them. Kidding.. Not kidding) and they're all 100% vegan. Once I've towel dried my hair I'll run the Aveda Damage Remedy through it to try and give it a little bit of lovin'. Last but not least I'll spritz myself with my all time favourite smell -  well, after chocolate, that is - Lady Million. Predictable, maybe, but I just can't get enough of the stuff.  And, once I've done all that, I'm feeling a lot more like me and ready to tackle the day ahead (pig-eye free).

Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 8 Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 2
Interior-wise our bathroom is pretty minimal. We've got some cactus babies from Ikea, some of which I painted copper, plus a sassy gold teranium from Urban Outfitters. The towels are from Christy and are the softest things I've ever laid my hands/face on; it's like getting a little hug every morning. My Mum's very, very good at interiors - the Queen some would say - and is forever transforming rooms just with little details and additions. I, myself, am not so good, but I do love how a nice big pile of towels instantly gives the room a more homely feel. Can you have a shower at mine? Of course you can, look at the massive pile of towels I have to offer. Plus, as you can see in the first image, you can really go to town on colour co-ordination to bring a room together. So there we have it, a brief run through my morning routine and a little slice of home! 
Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 6

Now for the fun part - Christy's are giving away a room makeover, including a set of towels, robes, rug and bed linen set (worth over £520 FYI) so make sure and check that out here. Don't worry, I checked it out and it's mucho easy to enter, literally just a couple of details and that's you!


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