Friday, May 6, 2016

A Week in Suuna Sunnies

Well, howdy partners. Today's post is, as some of you might have guessed from the title, a week in Sϋϋna sunglasses. 'But what is Sϋϋna?', I hear you ask, 'is it a type of German sausage?'. Well, it's a sunglasses brand and a kick-ass one at that; I've been test-driving a few pairs and giving each of them a little whirl. So, shall we get started?

Suuna Sunglasses The Little Magpie 6
Forever21 off-shoulder top | TOPSHOP pink trousers

I'm a little torn, but I think these - the Evie tortoiseshell (£39.00) F.Y.I - might just be my favourite of the Sϋϋna pairs. They're a lot more ladylike than what I normally go for but as soon as I put them on I felt all glamorous and Joan Collins-esque and also confused as to why I didn't have a martini in my hand.

Suuna Sunglasses The Little Magpie 5
This was when we were in Miami actually and is a little round up of the bits and bobs I had for the beach that day. This particular pair of Sϋϋna’s are the 'Sian' (£33.00) and are what I'm wearing in the below picture as well. Sidenote: also my Mum's favourite pair of Sϋϋna sunglasses. She, ahem, 'borrowed' them the other day and I haven't seen them since.

Suuna Sunglasses The Little Magpie 2
This was back in the good old UK just as I was getting ready to nip out to for a little stroll... along to the pub. It was sunny for a change but one of those wonderfully British sunny days where the sun forgets that it's actually supposed to bring warmth with it too. Safe to say, the cardigan, jacket and scarf were close to follow.

Ah, that hot chocolate. I actually feel quite sad looking at it and knowing that it's no more. It was a sunny-but-actually-quite-mild day for a change so I sat outside with it and people watched and took my Salome glasses (£36.00) along for the ride. How nice is the chain detail on the arms on those bad boys? Ruddy lovely.

Suuna Sunglasses The Little Magpie 1
Um, this was back to sunny but friggin cold weather, so I popped my Sϋϋna’s on with my trusty Reiss jacket and Lazy Oaf top (yes that's a little bunny on it, and yes it makes me laugh every time I look at it)

And there we have it, a week in Sϋϋna sunglasses ! Let me know what your favourite day is. I know, we were all raised not to pick favourites, but I won't tell anyone.


P/S if you fancy owning your own pair pop into the sun shop in larger Boots stores or