Friday, April 8, 2016

Intoducing My New Barnet

IMG_2606 IMG_2610
Man, the urge to write 'new hurrr' or 'got ma hair did' is so, so strong isn't it? What has the internet done to me. Still, I'll resist. But yes, behold my new hair! I've been aiming for a good ombre look for, oh, five or six years now? It all started during uni with a failed attempt at a hairdressers - I left looking like a badger is all I'll say - which then led to me trying a home ombre. Which, let's be honest, turned out even worse. I literally just put my hair in a ponytail and bleached the bottom bit. I can only apologise to all the hairdressers in the world who are currently vomiting into their lap. From then on I got close a couple of times, but generally it was just someone doing very good highlights and then me growing them out over a couple of months. Until, that is, my trip to Hare & Bone last month. The lovely Esther did my hair and totally knew her shit and, more importantly, knew what I wanted. She did it a little darker at the roots for me and then put some beautiful lighter colours through the ends (whilst getting rid of some pretty dodgy highlights I had going on too) and I honestly couldn't be happier with it. Seriously, three cheers for the amazing Esther and another three for Hare & Bone. Huzzah!



The Purley Girly said...

It looks amazing! She did a really lovely job, the colours are great. I'd love to do that to my hair, I'll save this post and keep it as inspiration to pluck up the courage.

Abbie said...

Oooh looks lovely!! xx

Anonymous said...

it looks so lovely and really suits you! perfect for summer!

love katy @ THE RAWRDROBE x

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks so lovely

Ashley Christabelle said...

Oh it looks absolutely stunning! Love it. xx

Jodie said...

Your hair has me like the heart eyes emoji, it looks lush! x

Jodie //

Unknown said...

Its so pretty, she's done a great job! X

Morgs said...

Looks stunning! Making me wish I'd cut my hair to that length! x
Morgan |

Unknown said...

Looks amazing!!

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DNAMAG said...

Love that length, it really suits you!

Caroline said...

Love Love Love your new hur.. :p
Colours definitely suit you and is perfect for summer. :)


Laura said...

looks beautiful Amy!

Tusks and Tails said...

Super pretty!

Ana Vieira said...

Amazing hair! ♥

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Petite Paulina said...


Anonymous said...

Beauuttt <3

Grace xo

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That's a nice print

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