Friday, April 15, 2016

Here's What's on Ma Face

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Well hi! Told you some more beauty posts were on their way, didn't I? Like I've said in the past, I'm no beauty guru and I have some make-up habits that make even close friends shiver (I still don't see what's wrong with using your fingers to put the majority of your products on with but whatever) but I do get asked often over on Instagram what I'm wearing, so I thought I'd start putting together some beauty posts listing what I'm a-wearing and take it from there really. 

This is a little more make-up than I'd normally wear, but I was having one of those days where I do anything to avoid my to-do list so took a little more time playing around than normal. I will add that my eyebrows were having a, 'go fuck yourself, I'm not going to play' day so don't look at them too closely. Thank you. The Tarte mascara's a new addition and is my new go-to; truly one of the best mascaras I've ever used. My good old faithful chameleon highlighter (seriously, that badboy always gets complimented. Mainly from my Mum but I'll take it) and the Eyeko fat liner which is another new addition and a right little dream to use. 

I hope you liked this post, I'm off to Miami on Sunday (shibbbbeeee) so I'll put together a little post on daytime holiday make-up too!



Ashley Christabelle said...

Gorgeous makeup look, Amy! The Tarte mascara really does lengthen your lashes, I can see why people raved about it. x

Kristina said...

Stunning as always. Love the lipstick colour on you x

Creepers & Cupcakes

The Betty Stamp said...

you're make up is PERFECT !
That is all.
Betty x
The Betty Stamp

Caroline said...

Gorgeous! Such a beaut.
Love the simplicity of your makeup. Looks and products. I hate longgggg


Makarena said...

Make up on point, love it!

La Luna Viita

Collage Me Pretty said...

Looking gorgeous as always Amy, I love your makeup!

Emma at

Carol said...

that eyeliner in your waterline is so gorgeous, really makes your eyes pop!

Hannah Apps said...

I love your makeup and I'm with you on applying most with your fingers - whats wrong with that?! Makes it look more natural in my opinion ;)

Hannah x

Unknown said...

Love your lip colour X

The Fashion Road

Emma Lisa said...

This is such a beautiful makeup look, I love the colour of your lipstick! x

Earth to Style said...

This is such a beautiful makeup look! Love the hints of purple to bring out green eyes!

xo Lauren

Anonymous said...

Okay so you are insanely beautiful and the makeup is the bomb diggity but I really bloody love the title of this post. Your personality is the best <3

Grace xo

Tusks and Tails said...

So stunning!!

The Style Rawr said...

What a beautiful mug! I want to try that mazzie. Flawwwwless.

T xx

Laura said...

You little beautttty!!!!

Ella said...

such a nice look - I love how wearable it is ^^
The lipstick is my fave ;) such a pretty colour, sooo summery :) it looks so pretty on you
you look absolutely stunning =D
xx Verena

Mantenso said...

Love this look, I must try the NYX eye pencil, and I've been wanting the Estee Lauder foundation for the longest time.

Stomach sleeper said...

Tarte is a nice brand.

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