Monday, December 7, 2015

Where to Stay & Where to Eat in Malta

Following on from my Malta photo diary, today's post is focusing more specifically on where to stay and a little bit on where to eat in Malta. I can only apologise at how depressing it'll be looking at these photos in the current 0 degree weather we're having but, if it makes you feel better, I'm currently writing it with a dressing gown on over my clothes. Whilst weeping. First up, where to stay...

The Blue Palace
Malta The Little Magpie 12 Malta The Little Magpie 34 Malta The Little Magpie 11 Malta The Little Magpie 15 Malta The Little Magpie 28
We stayed at The Palace Hotel and I couldn't recommend it more; I feel now you've seen the pool you'll understand why. It's right up on the roof and has views all across Sliema right down to the sea. We went for cocktails in the rooftop bar one night at sunset (1st and 3rd pictures) which is a definite must, even if you're not staying at the hotel. They set up a little buffet dinner right on the edge of the pool which we didn't try ourselves but I can imagine would be lovely. Something else I'd recommend it getting up at sunrise - such a sunset/sunrise pervert aren't I - which you can see a little bit of in the last photo. It's the perfect viewpoint and well worth a 5am start. Believe me, those words don't leave my mouth often.

Malta The Little Magpie 3 Malta The Little Magpie 29 Malta The Little Magpie 9 Malta The Little Magpie 31 Malta The Little Magpie 30
The room itself was beautiful; big ole tv, fresh water daily, nice big bathroom and - most importantly - a little balcony complete with chairs and mini table. We had the most beautiful view, which you can see from the top photo on a very moody day - looks like something from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, dunnit? - which looked over both Sliema and across to Valletta. Breakfast was a lovely affair with lots of fresh fruit, omleettes, fresh pastries and bread (including gluten free bread, winner) as well as your standard cooked and continental breakfast. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the little book borrowing section, cleverly disguised as a red phone box. The tricksters. I should also mention that the staff are all ridiculously lovely and that the location of the hotel is spot on. An all round winner in my eyes!

Malta The Little Magpie 35 (2) Malta The Little Magpie 36 (2) Malta The Little Magpie 37 Malta The Little Magpie 36 Malta The Little Magpie 39 PicMonkey Collage Malta The Little Magpie 41
Now, here we have my top restaurant recommendation from Malta and, lucky for us, it was part of our hotel. Temptasian (oh how I love a crafty name) is located on the top of The Palace and has a 360 degree view across Malta - just look at it. Beautiful stuff. The food was something else; we got a sushi platter to start with and then for main I went for my standard Murgh and egg rice and, oh lordy, was it good. Hands down the best Indian I've had and that's a big claim for me. Don't tell my local though in case they seek revenge on me. They were also amazing with GF I should mention (and if you want a good drinking game, take a shot every time I say gluten or gluten free on my blog).

A couple of other places to grab a bite..
Malta The Little Magpie 21 (2)
Debbie's Cafe

So these are just a couple of ones I thought I'd pop in that we had some scrumptious lunches at. Debbie's Cafe in Mellieha is first up, which we nipped into because we'd heard they did gluten free sandwiches and cakes. Turns out they're quite the popular little haunt and are very well known amongst GFers and, y'know, normal people alike for their cakes, milkshakes and - wait for it - AFTERNOON TEA. Sorry, let me just take a minute to compose myself. I actually had a very good GF ciabatta bread which could be a first. 

Malta The Little Magpie 33
PURE juice bar

This my absolute favourite of all the lunch/snacky places we ate. I friggin love raw cakes (as you may have guessed from the million and one recipes I was throwing at you over summer), but they're hard enough to find at home never mind abroad, so I couldn't believe my luck when we stumbled across this little gem. They've got a whole array of fresh, cold-pressed juices and the most amazing assortment of gluten, dairy and sugar free cakes (the one above is their Snickers one which almost made me cry it was so good). You can also get a huge box of freshly made salad for something crazy like 5euros, or even get it rolled up in a wrap if you're feeling crazy.

Malta The Little Magpie 10

Mint was another one of my favourites, but it can get really busy so try and avoid peak times if you can. They've got lots of traditional and non-traditional Maltese foods and are great for vegan, vegetarian and GF options. If you're not in the market for lunch then check out their fresh juices and hauuuuage cake selection.

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