Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Big Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

The Little Magpie Christmas Gift For Her Guide 2015 2

I'm not going to lie, writing this Christmas Gift Guide is one of the happiest I've ever been. I frigging love Christmas, I'd marry it if I could and Michael Buble would sing at the wedding while elves carried the rings to the alter. Moving on, one of my favourite parts is gift-giving, which I truly believe is one of life's great simple pleasures; there's nothing better than stumbling across something you know someone will absolutely love and then seeing a big cheesy grin on their face when they open it. Truly magical stuff. Anyway, this has gotten pretty soppy, pretty quickly so I'll move onto a round up of some bits and bobs I reckon would make some cracking gifts.

The Little Magpie Christmas Gift For Her Guide 2015 3

£25 & Under
  • Topshop Lipstick & Nail Varnish Christmas mini decorations, £10: I'm a big fan of Topshop make-up - their lip bullet stayed on through an entire meal, drinks included, and you can't really say no to that - so that plus the extra festive packaging on these was enough to push me over the edge.
  • Sir Plus boxers, £20: I'm a big fan of girl boxers, whether it be for lazing around the house in or for wearing on a comfy day where you want nothing more than to feel a cuddle round your bum, and the Sir Plus designs are one of my favourites I've come across.
  • Oh Deer wrapping paper and cards, £mixed: Oh Deer is an absolute little treasure chest and one of my year round go-to's when it comes to gifts and cards. The perfect place for something a little different to the norm, especially if you're looking to give someone a giggle.

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  • Popcult pencils from LalaLand, £4: The perfect novelty gift; they'd make an amazing stocking filler or Secret Santa gift. These are the Mean Girls ones (obvs), but they have everything on there from Bridesmaids, to Almost Famous, to Anchorman and back again.
  • Anthropologie Candles, £mixed: I really do love everything and anything Anthropologie, and their candles are one thing in particular I could fill my house from top to bottom with. The packaging is beautiful and keeps as an ornament long after the candle's melted away. Don't even get me started on the smell... That little copper topped one in particular is Heaven in a box. The kind of gift you couldn't really go wrong with!

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    £50 & Under
    • Lucky Voice karaoke kit via Urban Outfitters, £50: Now we're talking. This badboy's up there with unlimited chocolate and Paolo Nutini as my ideal gift. I absolutely love a bit of karaoke (post-mulled wine generally, of course) so any kind of karaoke machine's a win in my eyes, but this one's perfect because you plug it into your iPad or computer and can just tuck it away afterwards without having a big-ass machine to tend to. I can only apologise in advance to your neighbours and anyone else within general hearing distance. 
    • Liz Earle Botanical Shine Hair Heroes & Beauty Icons gift, £50: I'm a huge Liz Earle fan, as I think we probably all know, so these were a no brainer. Their hot cloth cleanse and polish was one of the main things that helped combat my pesky teenage boy-esque skin at the beginning of the year, so it'd be wrong not to include them here. Some of the smaller tubs would make lovely stocking-fillers, or you could really go all out with one of the gift sets above and get in someone's good books (you might even get away with not doing the post-Christmas dinner dishes). 
    • The White Company Twenty One candle, £35 / Daisy London Chakra Candle, £29: Both smell like absolute dreams (me and my nose can confirm this with great conviction) and both come beautiful packaged. A candle's one of those wonderful things you can never really go wrong with, so if you're stuck for gift ideas then this is the one for you! 
    • YSL Black Opium, £39: This Eau de Toilette is the newer scent from YSL and comes in the sassiest bottle. It's floral and fruity, with sweet blackcurrant, orange and pear notes, as well as its signature coffee bean scent woven through.

    Biscuiteers Gluten Free biscuits The Little Magpie Biscuiteers Gluten Free biscuits The Little Magpie 1

    • Biscuiteers Gluten Free Biscuits, £40: These are one of my favourite gift ideas, I truly think you can't go wrong. They have a whole host of lovely 'normal' biscuits but, being a little GF freak, I was over the moon to find a) that they offered that option and b) that they actually tasted GOOD. So good. Oh and c) The packaging was so cute it made me want to cry. They don't just offer Christmas ones either, there's birthday, congratulations, wedding as well as a range of chocolates and cakes too. Something a little different!
    • Tom Ford Lips and Boys lipsticks, £27: Tom Ford boys are back! Named after men in his life, these little miniatures are limited edition and roughly half the size of the usual lipsticks. There's 50 (25 best sellers and 25 new shades) to choose from and, at £10 cheaper than the originals, they're the great gift for someone who'd like a little bit of Tom Ford in their life. I can also confirm that they're the perfect size for a handbag on a night out!

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    • Cloud 9 x Emilio de la Morena Christas gift set £135: Made in collaboration with Spanish designer Emilio de la Morena, these are something a little different to your usual straightener sets. They come in a beautiful black and gold velvet bag - inspired by his collection - and come in either The Original Iron or The Wide Iron, so there's something there for every hair type. It truly is a beautiful set, and is guaranteed to make a great gift for any sassy sista who's into good hair (i.e. every one)
    • Tom Ford Noir Femme, £53-105: Yes, I've got Tom Ford on the brain. Another floral fragrance, this time with rose, jasmine and orange with citrus and spice woven through. It's a strong, lasting scent and comes, of course, in the beautifully classic Tom Ford gold and black bottle. 

    The Little Magpie Christmas Gift For Her Guide 2015

  • Prescription by Codage On the Road Again, £69: I spend practically half my life on a plane and can promise you this badboy wold make the ideal gift for anyone you know who travels a lot. It comes in a really sweet little bag and contains 5 miniatures targeted at rejuvinating skin that's been hit with the joys of jet lag and temperature changes. 
  • Creme de la Mer Renewal Oil, £155: Now this, this is one of my favourites. Every Creme de La Mer product I've used I've loved and this one, coming out only in October, has fast become a staple in my daily beautifying regime. What do I love best in a product? You got it, multi-purposeness, and oh boy does this tick that box. It was made for the face but can be used on the hair and body too, so it's a real all rounder and definitely one that won't be left sitting gathering dust on the bathroom shelf. I'll come back to this for a proper review because I really do love it so, but just wanted to mention it here in time for any gift hunters!
  • Fleur of England Lingerie, £105: Following a favourite with another favourite, Fleur of London's a lingerie brand I've discovered this year and fallen head over heels for. It's at the pricier end of the spectrum, but lingerie's one thing I don't really mind splashing out on as you reap those rewards in quality, design and fit. These nungas won't look after themselves, you know. I went for the Desire and the After Dark set and they're both just beautiful, as soon as you put them on you're like, 'YES, I AM MARILYN MONROE. I AM DITA VON TISSE, COME AT ME WORLD'. You know the kind? I do think that lingerie's a lovely gift to receive, and I promise you can't go wrong with Fleur. 
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