Sunday, November 29, 2015

Starting with the Shoes

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DUNE red suede lace-up shoes (get 20% off errrthang until midnight Mon 30th) | ASOS distressed jeans | H&M jacket | ASPINAL OF LONDON Marlebone mini | RAY BAN sunglasses

Photos by the incredible Amber Rose

Bonjour! Today's post is to celebrate Dune's 'Start With The Shoes' campaign which - you guessed it - is based around the idea of choosing your outfit based around your shoes. I normally pick one thing to base my outfit around when I'm getting ready anyway, otherwise it's far too overwhelming for my pea-brain, but this is possibly the first time I've based it around the shoes. I have to say, it works. Especially when the shoes are as badass as this. As you may have noticed, I'm generally not that big on dressing up; when it comes to a night-out I'd much rather be jumping about in trousers and heels than a tight dress, so even though the shoes are all sassy and wonderful I decided to pair them with quite a casual daytime look. Controversial, I know. They surprised me with how comfy they were, me and Amber were trotting around London, on and off tubes and everything, and my feet were in their element. And if my feet are in their element, I'm in my element. Them's the rules.

You can find these puppies here and in grey here and black here. Whilst we're at it, here's a selection of some of my favourites on site just now and, as you may have noticed above, there's currently 20% off right up until midnight tomorrow. Please send my sincerest apologies to your bank card.