Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reiss Outerwear: Part III

Amy-Reiss-Oufit-2---Amber-RosePhotography-11 The Little Magpie Reiss burgundy suit 1 Amy-Reiss-Oufit-2---Amber-RosePhotography-4 Amy Reiss - Amber-RosePhotography 1 Amy-Reiss-Oufit-2---Amber-RosePhotography-5 Amy-Reiss-Oufit-2---Amber-RosePhotography-9
Photos by the shamazing Amber Rose

Oh heyyyy there. Welcome to the third and final part of my outerwear collar with Reiss! We've had the fur and we've had the tailored, so for my last post I was very, very tempted to go for my other favourite kind of jacket... Yep, you guessed it, the leather jacket. In particular, this beautiful leather here. However, I do love a good suit as we all know, and as soon as I saw this badboy in its beautiful burgundy hue I said, 'You, sir. You will be my last look'. I also thought it would be quite fitting with Christmas coming up - am I allowed to say the c-word now that Halloween and Bonfire Night are out the way? - because generally I'm much more a trousers and top girl than a dress girl for a night out  so this would be my ideal party look. I do love a good blouse too, particularly as this one can be worn tied up (like they have it on the website) or loose like I have it here. Multi-purpose people, you can't beat it.

The Little Magpie Reiss 3 looks 2

And that, amigos, draws to a close my three-part series! So now you can tell me (out of earshot of the others of course), which coat's your favourite? Whilst you're mulling it over, you can have a little look at Reiss' full outerwear collection here. They've just added THE most beautiful green fur coat as well as a velvet dinner jacket that's calling my name. God help me and my wardrobe.