Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Little Home Tour

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Hello hello! I thought it was about time I shared some more interiors snippets with you, so here we are. Our flat's been a very slow work in progress and, I won't lie, once we had sofas and a tv in things got even slower. However, after getting a few lingering diy jobs out the way last month, I finally got my interiors hat on and got cracking. The living room's the closest room to being finished, especially now that the alcoves (A.K.A my little pride and joys) are shelved. Being the Fickle Fiona I am, I change the order of things all the time, but I'm pretty happy with how they're sitting right now. The copper cactus pots are a particular favourite, they're just your bog standard plant pots painted copper to jazz them up a bit.. although it has led to an unhealthy addiction of spraying everything and anything copper; Lilo caught me looking at her funny the other day and ran a mile. All we need to do now is tile off a little bit under the fire and box off some of the wires to disguise the sheer ugliness of them (sorry guys) and that's us done! Bedroom plans are still very much underway, just... give me till 2018. 

I feel I should mention that a lot of the things above were either passed down from my mother, Queen of Interiors, or from random little shops when I've been travelling. I've tried to link as many as I can below though:

URBAN OUTFITTERS Crosley record player,  gold terranium & brass bison head | DUNELM copper shade | PAPERCHASE copper bison head | H&M turquoise vase