Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Meet the Newbies

Aspinal of London Marylebone mini bag 10 Aspinal of London Marylebone mini bag 2 Aspinal of London Marylebone mini bag 6 Aspinal of London Marylebone mini bag 7
ASOS suede platform ankle boots Aspinal of London Marylebone mini bag 4

Well, I did it. I noticed it was on sale, so I took the plunge and bought the 1.8mm lens for my Olympus and I'm so freakin' happy I did. I've always used my little Olympus baby for travel and lifestyle and my Canon for outfits, but, with the Canon being an absolute beast to lug about, this little guy's made life a whole lot easier for when I'm on the go. Plus the quality actually seems to be on par with my Canon (or maybe.. better? But don't tell it I said that). 

Another newbie is this little tote from Aspinal, which is so beautiful that I still don't know whether to love it or be jealous of it. The size was the real winner for me though; I carry about everything and anything in my handbag - from emergency snacks to 5 variations of nude lipstick to doggy treats - and this was actually big enough to fit all my shit in and more, Mary Poppins style. In all honesty, I did have two glasses cases, a purse, a spare lens and other bits and bobs in there and it all fit very snugly indeed. 

Well, that's us off to Malta this evening so I shall bid thee adieu. It's not really adieu though because I've got lots of content scheduled for when I'm away (but if you could pretend that you missed me when I get back for real that'd be great). I've actually ventured off the beaten track for a few posts to try out something new (it's not nudes) so lemme me know if you likey!