Sunday, September 6, 2015

Lookbook | 3 Looks in 3 Minutes

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Happy Sundayyyy! I hope your day's been spent slobbing out on the sofa surrounded by nachos and chocolate. Last week me and Rob filmed a little lookbook down in Glasgow which - you MAY have guessed by the title - is 3 different looks in 3 minutes. Well, 3 looks in 3.01 minutes if you want to split hairs. I've linked everything I'm wearing in the description box below the video so if you see something you like it's alll in there.

I'm off to get my nacho on.



WorldCharlotte said...

Great! :)

AVY said...

I love transparency.


The Style Rawr said...

Omgosssssh hahaha! This is so awesome. I absolutely love how you'll happily start dancing in a public street because I'm exactly the same. No shame. I also loved how the passerbys didn't even bat an eyelid. Glasgow is so pretty but not as pretty as you. Ahahaha. That third look was my fave, loving the sunnies! Also loving the *smooth* scene where you an Rob swapped glasses. ;)

Tara x

jordane yasmin said...

you're like the Britain's answer to leandra medine, you're awesome girl! x

Visa said...

stunning! love the styling of the culottes the most

Anonymous said...

Those outfits are so nice

MyLunaRose said...

very pretty

Earth to Style said...

I love how you always look like you're having a blast in your videos!

xo Lauren

Tusks and Tails said...

How do you always look so amazing!!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what I love more, your style or you :)

The Polished Novice

Unknown said...

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Looks so nice :) Love it!

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