Friday, September 18, 2015

August Photo Diary

Bonjour, bonjour! At the end of each month I always find myself with a bunch of photos that I never really do anything with (I won't lie, I really do take photos of everything, there’s one of a pile of leaves in there... I don’t know either), so I thought I’d share a couple! I’m not going to lie, most of them revolve around food.
  Cafe Cognito Aberdeen the little magpie
My brother came up to stay with us for a few weeks and it was so warm that we actually got to sit outside. IN SCOTLAND. Crazy, I know. If anyone would like the movie rights to this story then please do get in touch.

The Little Magpie make up Paolo nutini the little magpie The Little Magpie converse specsavers 1 Hanoi Bike Shop cocktails the little magpie glasgow
As you may know by my gushing tweets on Twitter, me and Rob popped down to Glasgow to see Paolo Nutini play at Bellahouston Park at the end of last month. I thought it was going to be awkward what with Rob being my boyfriend and Paolo Nutini being my husband, but thankfully there were no fisticuffs over me. Disappointing, really. The next day we went to Hanoi Bike Shop (which I've been meaning to go to forever) for some Lychee cocktails and grub with Rob's sista sista.

nama notting hill Pont ST Hotel The Little Magpie Pont ST Hotel review The Little Magpie
I had a couple of days down in London for meetings/projects and what not mid-month, so I squeezed in another few food stops with my bruv (for two people who live at opposite ends of the country we sure have managed to see an awful lot of one another as of late). First up was Nama, which is in Notting Hill and serves up a whole host of raw, gluten free food. Quite pricey for a lunch but well worth it! Next up was Pont St restaurant over at Pont St hotel which was seriously, seriously amazing. They had a kick-ass menu and even managed to make a GF crispy squid for me. Definitely one to check out!