Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pick Your Perfect Pair

Hollister pick your perfect pair jeans 9
Holister Distressed denim jeans
Hollister pick your perfect pair jeans 1 Hollister pick your perfect pair jeans 7

Well, hey there! Today's post is brought to you courtesy of John Wayne. Oh no, sorry, that's just me in double denim. It's always a risky look to go for - we all remember that iconic Britney and Justin denim explosion - but I love it too much not to give it a try. Trying to find boyfriend jeans that fit well is is my Everest (thank you curiously mismatched waist to thigh ratio), so I was pleasantly surprised to find these distressed badboys from Hollister fit like a glove. Huzzah! It's not somewhere I've ever shopped for jeans before but oh lordy do they have a vast selection of gems on the go. I popped it on with one of their shirts to finish off my multi-denim look, as well as my little bandana (you thought I was joking about the John Wayne thing, didn't you?) and some heels to make it clear to any passers-by that I am, in fact, a woman.


Post in collab with Hollister, all words, opinions and John Wayne impressions my own


Rachel said...

aah you are rocking this denim look! looking fab as per :)

Rachel // Style Soup

Emma Walker said...

LOVE this look! You neck tie is amazing

Emma | With A City Dream

The Style Rawr said...

One of my FAVE pair of ripped jeans is from Hollister. Such an adorable combo - Britters would be proud.

TAra x

elza b. said...

those jeans are incredible, such a nice look!

CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

Geena said...

You're seriously rocking this necktie look at the moment!


Trendencies Blog said...

Love this denim on denim look and the sandals are so fab!

Flo said...

this is the first denim on denim look I've ever liked and its so epically cool! You have inspired me to try out denim on denim, something I never thought id hear myself say.

Carys Emily said...

I'd have never thought to go to Hollister for denim ! Love the neck tie

Distant Dreamer

Charlotte Dickson said...

This is by far the most stylish double demin pairing I have ever seen! I love the lace-ups, and never would have thought to look in Holister for such beautiful destressed jeans. I'm feeling inspired to brave the dark shops to find a pair of my own :) x
Charlotte's Road

Leesa said...

love the blouse!

Camille said...

Such a nice outfit

Ashlee Favro said...

Love the denim on denim!


Tonya said...

You seriously look good in anything and everything!! I've been loving the bandana/scarf trend, perfect addition to this look!

Lauren S said...

Fab way to wear double denim, you've got the balance just right Amy!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

Lurchhoundloves said...

I love your choice of ripped denim, I am all for more relaxed styles these days <3 xx

Mary said...

Bohemian 70's Americanan vibes = perfection in my book XD


Mandy Bajwa said...

Great outfit!! I need your shoes, they are amazing!!


Holly Rose said...

Loving the double denim combo, I've never tried it myself but you pull it off so well!x
Holly x
The Twins' Wardrobe

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