Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pick Your Perfect Pair

Hollister pick your perfect pair jeans 9
Holister Distressed denim jeans
Hollister pick your perfect pair jeans 1 Hollister pick your perfect pair jeans 7

Well, hey there! Today's post is brought to you courtesy of John Wayne. Oh no, sorry, that's just me in double denim. It's always a risky look to go for - we all remember that iconic Britney and Justin denim explosion - but I love it too much not to give it a try. Trying to find boyfriend jeans that fit well is is my Everest (thank you curiously mismatched waist to thigh ratio), so I was pleasantly surprised to find these distressed badboys from Hollister fit like a glove. Huzzah! It's not somewhere I've ever shopped for jeans before but oh lordy do they have a vast selection of gems on the go. I popped it on with one of their shirts to finish off my multi-denim look, as well as my little bandana (you thought I was joking about the John Wayne thing, didn't you?) and some heels to make it clear to any passers-by that I am, in fact, a woman.


Post in collab with Hollister, all words, opinions and John Wayne impressions my own