Friday, August 28, 2015

New in

asos suede ankle boots

Herrrrrlo. Today's post is just a quickie because I've just realised it's a week until I go to Malta and the only exercise I've done is lift a fork to my mouth, so I need to go and spend my night/the next 5 years in the gym - can you buy a Victoria's Secret body on ebay? Let me know - but I wanted to share my new babies with you first. Beautiful, aren't they? I actually originally bought them in black because I needed a black pair that were high enough to trick people into thinking I'm of normal human height but that were also comfy on my hobbit feet (how to make yourself sound incredibly sexy in one sentence, take note). As soon as I realised that these ticked both boxes I knew it wasn't a question of IF I should get them in burgundy as well but WHEN. And the answer was, well, immediately. Spoken like a true shopaholic, ey?