Monday, August 24, 2015

Asos Wishlistin'

As always, just click on the image to be taken straight through!

SO. I haven't done an ASOS wishlist in a while and, since my saved items is currently overflowing, I thought now would be an apt time to do one. Particularly because there's no better time to shop than on a grey, rainy Monday. I've been naughty and bought a couple of bits myself this week - these dungarees and these shoes to be precise - uh, and these boots. I'm an animal - but I'm off to Malta in a couple of weeks and need (yes, NEED, Mum) some holiday clothes, so that's how I'm justifying that one. Plus, I had a gift card. Ok, no. No I didn't, I'm just saying that so you won't think less of me. There's a lot going on there - 36 items in total - so scroll slow, scroll good, and let me know what your favourite bits are.

Also, a few people have asked about what skincare I use so, although my skincare routine is neither exciting nor long, I shall certainly put together a little post on it for you before I go away!