Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Petite Rant

TOPSHOP rust belted trousers | H&M linen tee | SENSO ankle boots | TENTATIVE DECISIONS shield ring

Today's post marks what I think might be my favourite set of photos with Amber yet. Although I also think I say that every time. She's just so GOOD, what can I say. Prepare to get very, very sick of these trousers because they've been practically glued to me as of late. It's so hard to find trousers that fit when you're a 5 foot giant, and these are one of the few pairs I've come across that don't need to be rolled up or altered in any way. Honestly, I swear most petite clothing is made with 5"4ers in mind when these lucky woman are actually at the TALLEST END OF THE PETITE SPECTRUM.

Wow, things got a little out of control there. I didn't realise I was so passionate about showing my ankles off. I'm off to cool down and fantasise about all the delicious cakes on bake off last night.


Photos by Amber Rose Photography