Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Petite Rant

TOPSHOP rust belted trousers | H&M linen tee | SENSO ankle boots | TENTATIVE DECISIONS shield ring

Today's post marks what I think might be my favourite set of photos with Amber yet. Although I also think I say that every time. She's just so GOOD, what can I say. Prepare to get very, very sick of these trousers because they've been practically glued to me as of late. It's so hard to find trousers that fit when you're a 5 foot giant, and these are one of the few pairs I've come across that don't need to be rolled up or altered in any way. Honestly, I swear most petite clothing is made with 5"4ers in mind when these lucky woman are actually at the TALLEST END OF THE PETITE SPECTRUM.

Wow, things got a little out of control there. I didn't realise I was so passionate about showing my ankles off. I'm off to cool down and fantasise about all the delicious cakes on bake off last night.


Photos by Amber Rose Photography


Nicoletta De Luca said...

In love with your pants!

What to wear on Summer on
lb-lc fashion and lifestyle blog

Holly Rose said...

Beautiful pictures, I love those pants!!
Holly x
The Twins' Wardrobe

NausikaƤ Brimmel said...

I love those pants and I NEED that necklace in my life! :) XX

Yasmin Kay said...

Love the pants

Yuka said...

such a good color combo. I love the layered necklaces as well.

Diana said...

Great outfit, love your pants!

|| D I A N A ||

Amber Baker said...

It's so difficult to find trousers when you're short! I get that struggle. Those pants are so cute!

Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

Trendencies Blog said...

Love the trousers and the necklaces are beautiful!

Camille said...

Such a lovely look

Call Me Amy said...

Totally get your frustration with petite clothes - I'm 5'5 so not even classed as petite but I still have to buy my trousers from the petite section so must be a nightmare for you! X

Nicole said...

Gorgeous trousers! Love the 'paperbag' style :D
...What Nikki Did...

elza b. said...

those trousers are incredible, love the colour!

CLUB AVENUE / / instagram

Holl JC said...

ahaha, this post had me smiling! I totally feel you girl, even the trousers in the petite's section are long on me! You look amazing as always Amy, such a stunner x

Flo said...

Oh those trousers are just amazing!!! :) Absolutely love them Amy! I would never have thought about paring those colours together either.
Flo x

Lauren S said...

Even being 5ft 4 I still hate rolling jeans and trousers! These are a fab statement pair!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

Louise Francesca said...

Great outfit as always! X

The Fashion Road

Abbie said...

Amazing trousers! Love the colour combo <3

Tonya said...

I love this color combo! It makes me look forward to fall!

Paige said...

Gorgeous absolutely love the mix in colours! I wouldn't expect it to work, but it really does! x

Ashlee Favro said...

This is a rad color combo, so sexy!

LIVforstyle said...

Love the color combo.


Charu Fashions said...

your combo is perfect and you are looking perfect!!

Beth Stokes said...

Hahaha, this made me laugh. I am 5ft 1 and, I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! The world should be more thoughtful towards us petite people.

Love the trousers!


Lurchhoundloves said...

I LOVE the colour of these trousers and those boots! I suffer with the opposite, not finding trousers long enough and it is a real damn pain as I often look like a cat has died lol xx

AVY said...

Short or not, your body is perfect.

/ Avy

Katya Van Bick said...

I really love the necklace! Nice outfit! :)

Katya | The Beauty Harbour

Mandy Bajwa said...

Love the colour of your trousers!!

Little Bling Ring said...

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Geena said...

I love those trousers- I hope they come in black!

Ghenet said...

Love the outfit! I feel your pain about sizing though. I'm very curvy, but I'm short, so finding pants that fit is an absolute nightmare, and having things tailored all the time gets pricey! When I find a pair that fit, I buy about 3 pairs so I don't wear them out too fast!

Kristina Maggiora said...

Girl, this outfit is a killer! LOVE the trousers x

Creepers & Cupcakes

Laura. said...

I LOVE these colours on you <3 looking fabulous as always.
I tweeted you about being stuck in a loop of looking at your blog haha - your outfits are just too good!

A Forte For Fashion


Amy Alice Miller said...

I spotted these in my local top shop branch and now you've definitely confirmed that I need to go back for them!

Amy x

Mantenso said...

I love these trousers, the colour is a dream. At just over 5ft4 I struggle with this style of trousers too because whilst I'm not entirely petite, I have an annoyingly disproportionate body which makes shopping for bottoms super hard!
Mantenso xx

JVA said...

I love, love, love this outfit! Simple yet effective x

chloe Robertson said...

Why you look so cute and sassy all the time girl! girl crush! xx

QUIRK said...

think you might appreciate this!

Ginngi Doll said...

Gorgeous pictures and pants! I love the color, I usually hate wearing pants (I'm more of a skirt, dress person) but lately I have been really liking them. These look great on you!

Blog |

mariyah gaspacho said...

looking great sweetie!
kisses from dubai ♥

Alexandra V. said...

nice colours/earth tones! love the outfit

Emma Reay said...

Amazing outfit Amy, those trousers are to die for!

Emma at

The Style Rawr said...

I love me some statement trews!! That necklace is super pretty too. <3

Tara x

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