Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sea no evil

Sea NY white dress 1 SEA NY white dress | MISS SELFRIDGE tassel necklace

I'm busy packing for London tomorrow (shock horror, I got carried away with work yesterday and didn't manage to be a sensible susan and do any then) but thought I'd share a quick snap from when I popped in to visit the amazing OBCM showroom in Paris because I'm a child and can't wait until my photo diary to upload it. They look after a whole host of dreamy brands, from Sandro, to Topshop and everything in between as well as SeaNY, who I was lucky enough to take away a couple of pieces from (you've actually maybe already seen one of them in this post here!). As soon as I saw this dress I was like, 'you, my friend, are coming home with me'. Love at first sight and all that. It's a little big but I very often have a sizeable food baby on the go so I'm more than comfortable with that.