Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Marry me, dress

ASOS rust denim dress (also available in blue)

Bonjour! Just a quickie from me tonight, but I really wanted to share this shamazing ASOS dress with you. I know it's wrong to have sexual feelings towards an item of clothing but I do, I just want to marry it and take it to bed with me. Wait, what? Who said that.

I'm off to see the Minions movie tonight with Roberto, has anyone else seen it and - more importantly - is it any good? Please say yes.



The Style Rawr said...

Gawsh, it fits you PERFECTLY. I haven't seen it but I'm sure it'll be hilaire! ENJOY!

Tara x

THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

Amazing dress, fits perfectly!!

|| D I A N A ||

This Is Lavinya said...

Cant blame you for the way you feel, the dress looks amazing on you! Love the colour too - x

Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

rebeccalikestotravel said...

Having seen this on your Twitter & Instagram I have to say I absolutely adore it too. you look AMAZING in it ❤️
Bee xxx

Holly Read said...

Ahh that dress is so pretty!!x
Holly x

Georgia Writes Here said...

Oh I totally understand the sexual feelings, the dress is gorgeous and it really compliments you!

Beautiful as always!


Georgia Petite

Unknown said...

Yes the movie is good! Yes that dress is better Sxx

thefashion-junkie said...

I love your dress. It's so 70s and so on trend <3 X


Liv said...

I see why you love this dress. Looks great on you.


Unknown said...

Oh my gosh, that dress is so perfect! The comments are perfectly acceptable (right?).

Jodie -

Holl JC said...

Wowzers, that dress really is a beaut! x

Summer Read said...

Oooh it really is beautiful!! Lovely colour! x

Frankie Amelia said...

OH MY GOODDDDDD, that dress is gorgeous!!!

Frankie Boo Blog

TheJulyRose said...

I think I need this dress and it is not something I say often. Decisions, decisions, red or blue!
Amy x

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty dress indeed

Unknown said...

I love this dress, it is so cute. I may have to make a cheeky purchase!! xx

Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

Unknown said...

That's so cute, and the color looks so good on you!

alice said...

Your dress is so amazing, I love it!

The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

Vic said...

Love this dress!

Unknown said...

Beautiful dress! Love the blue option but I think id go for the one you're wearing as well.

x Sarah

Unknown said...

The rust colour is so nice against your skin tone, a great transitional piece too Amy!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

Unknown said...

I really like the colour of this dress as it is not your typical denim dress. Such an easy piece of clothing to style for an everyday outfit.

Beth x

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous dress! Nailing the 70s trend on the head!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous dress! Nailing the 70s trend on the head in the best possible way!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to see that film! The dress is so gorgeous x
eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

Unknown said...

Ohh this dress! so pretty

Fran x

November Rain Stories | UK blog

mahryska said...

love it :)
kisses from dubai ♥

Rebecca said...

Love this dress, I think it's totally fine to feel like that about it, it's gorgeous and I feel that way about shoes haha! x

Louisa said...

What a fantastic dress - adore the simplicity of design and the colour is just perfect!

ASOS here I come!!!

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