Monday, July 6, 2015

Glasses, glasses, glasses!

Specsavers red or dead glasses 3
Wearing Red or Dead for Specsavers '98' frame

Sum sum' a little bit different tonight! Last month I popped along to to the Specsavers summer preview event because a) I'm kind of in love with Specsavers and the Specsavers team and b) because I love me some sassy glasses and wanted a peek at what's hitting stores soon. I wore my new Red or Dead numbers along (the ones in the photos above), which have fast become my go-to spectacles thanks to their flattering shape and reversible legs. Yes, I said reversible legs. Amazing, I know. It was a ruddy lovely event if I do say so myself, with a faux garden set up alonsgside the sunglasses stands, complete with - wait for it - AN ICE CREAM TRUCK. Oh yes.

Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 10 Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 11

Glasses-wise, there was a whole load of cool brands (why can't I say 'cool brands' without sounding like a Mum?) showing off their latest Specsavers ranges such AS...

Specsavers summers lauch event #loveglasses

... Firetrap. Lots of minimal and classic frames here (set off nicely against some very beautiful looking leathery goods).

Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 2 Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 1 Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses

... Red or Dead. I seriously think these sassy glitter glasses are the best things I've seen; kind of Dame Edna-esque but in the best possible way. I can't decide whether I prefer the black or the Miu Miu inspired gold ones better so I think that means I'll have to pick up both. That's how my logic usually goes, anyway. 

Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 3 Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 4

... Roxy and Quicksilver. I didn't expect to like this range as much as I did, but I really loved it. Plus they had a selfie mirror, which, y'know, it would have been rude not to take advantage of.

Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 5 Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 6 Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 7

... Converse. Didn't see that one coming, did you? It's their first range for Specsavers and they've absolutely NAILED IT gaddamit; of all the brands there they were my favourite. I'm not one to wear my glasses in public (hence the reason I can often be found walking into lampposts) but these could sway me. I especially love the little Chuck Taylor logos on the ends of the legs - if anyone's a sucker for little details it's me. I actually picked up a pair of these for myself so, once I've got them glazed I'll make sure and share a snap of them over on Instagram!

Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 8 Specsavers summers launch event #loveglasses 9

Speaking of little details, nobody quite had this covered like Cheap Monday. From tiny little skull logos on the legs to secret hidden messages on the frames (so that you can re-discover new things about them every time you wear them, cool yes?) they got it going awwwwn. Wow, I can't seem to stop speaking like a wannabe-cool Mom in this post. Somebody stahp me.

Specsavers cheap monday sunglasses
Wearing Cheap Monday for Specsavers 'LIGHT SUN RX' frame

I hope you liked this post, it's noice putting something a little different together! If you are a glasses-wearer (or even a clear-lens wearer, don't worry, you're welcome too) then it's definitely worth giving the new ranges a browse as there's something in there for everyone. Oh, and make sure and check out that Converse range!

Post in collaboration with Specsavers.