Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Pardy Weekend

Darccy black lace dress the little magpie Darccy black lace dress the little magpie 1
P5094431 Kapten and son black watch the little magpie
- Wearing KAPTEN & SON watch -
French Bulldog puppy P5094440 Lotta's red clogs the little magpie

Oh hey there! I actually meant to post this yesterday but I've been having so may problems uploading to Flickr since they've updated (anyone else?) but, anyway, here we are. On Friday I headed down to Edinburgh for a lovely afternoon tea at the Malmaison with Arcadia and Impulse - they do the best scones in the world there and I was about two seconds away from screwing the gluten intolerance and shoving one in my face - and then headed over to H&M for a little store visit (more on that later) before venturing to Glasgow for a weekend with my family. For my Gran and Papa's 50th anniversary I'd arranged for all my family to fly over to surprise them and it worked SO well, they hadn't a clue. Risky business though, giving people of a certain age a big surprise. We were really lucky with the weather, especially since it's Glasgow we're talking about here, so spent the day drinking and catching up in the garden before heading out for a big-ass meal in the evening. Sadly we all had to go our separate ways yesterday, but it really was the best weekend hanging out with those goons. My Gran was very strict on her, 'Don't You Go Uploading Photos of me to That Internet' policy, so instead I've just shared some outfit/outfit details from the weekend as well as a couple of other snaps.

I've got a VERY summery post coming later on tonight - legs out and everything, ooh-er - so keep your eyes peeled for that and, in the meantime, let's all celebrate the fact that Monday's over.