Monday, May 4, 2015

New nails!

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Bonjourno, and Happy Sunday! I'm currently putting together my York post to go live tomorrow (it's a big 'un!) so in the meantime I wanted to put together a quickie to show you my new nails because I'm a massive, massive saddo. As you may or may not know, I'm a big fan of the Primark £1 false nails already - because my real nails are a bitten mess -but these are my absolute favourite ones yet - just look at them! Amazing. Me and my Mam are off down to Edinburgh for a gurls say today so I think I might just buy a suitcase worth when I'm down there so I never run out. 

Anyway, over and out! 



Holl JC said...

Oh my goushhh, these are so cute! Absolutely loving the colours x

Tessa said...

Wow, they look amazing! What a fantastic pattern!

Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

Unknown said...

Normally I am all about stripes but these are playing a pretty strong game for spots!

Unknown said...

Can't believe these are Primark, they're gorgeous - I love blue so this is just like a Magpie to sparkles

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

Cathryn said...

I love these! Good old Primark.

Emily Bashforth said...

Ahhhh these are gorgeous!! So cute :)

Unknown said...

These looks so nice and for such a good price. I never think about false nails when I'm in Primark. Next time I go I am definitely going to purchase them.

Beth x

QueenLina said...

gorgeous! :*

alice said...

I've actually never tried the Primark nails before, but these are sooooo cute! I want!

The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

Anonymous said...

This is such a pretty nail art

Hola Bambi said...

These are sooo cute xx

Unknown said...

Love this nail art!

Outfit for college with micro pied de poule blazer on
lb-lc fashion blog

Unknown said...

They are so so cute! x

THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

Super cute nails!
|| D I A N A ||

Unknown said...

These are so adorable! Think I may to give them a whirl x

VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

Chelsea Jade said...

These are so pretty!! I love the first image x

The Style Rawr said...

What a bargggain! They look so cute. :)

Tara x

JaynieShannonx said...

I'm getting my nails done tomorrow need to decide what I want… so indecisive

JS Beauty & Style, Benefit Competition Running


Mariel Parton said...

gorgeous nails, these are just so trendy and chic Amy <3

Nikki Williams said...

those nails are awesome! love the color!

xx nikki

Anonymous said...

I love Primark nails so much they have so many gorgeous patterns! It's thanks to you I discovered them and now I can't get enough <3

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