Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scuba Steve

ASOS scuba pencil skirt the little magpie 4 ASOS scuba pencil skirt the little magpie 8 ASOS scuba pencil skirt the little magpie 2 ASOS scuba pencil skirt the little magpie 7

Bonjour, bonjour! Today I'd like to introduce you to my new favourite shopping companion, Fashiola - if you haven't heard of them yet then get. on. it. The reason I love ASOS so much is because you can type something like, 'black lace up flats' into their search bar and have a few different options pop up; imagine that but on a MUCH bigger scale. And by much bigger I mean a whopping 94 shops and 1781 brands. Oh mumma. So, basically, rather than having to do a round of all your favourite websites when you're looking for something in particular, you've got them all gathered together in one big, easy-to-search site. Exciting, ya? It's become my new best friend, every time I see something I like on someone but don't know where to find it - or when I want to create one of Alexa Chung's looks, ahem - I head straight over to that glorious little search bar. You can narrow your search right down by new arrivals/sale, colour, price range, delivery dates, size, you name it, so that you're only left with the options that suit you. If you want you can save your favourite products to your account for the future (handy if you realise you've already blown that week's food allowance on shoes) rather than buying them there and then.

Fashiola are just the search engine, so when you click on the item you like they'll take you straight through to the website it's from, meaning you can still take advantage of any individual deals each website has, like student discount, free delivery, yadda yadda yadda. Speaking of which, they've gathered current discount codes for all the shops that they stock in a handy 'discount codes' page. I know, they literally couldn't make online shopping any easier. On this particular occasion I knew exactly what I was after - a pencil skirt (the mightiest of all the skirts thanks to its ability to cover potato-knees) and a pair of platforms because, wait... do you ever really need a reason to buy platforms? After a good browse I settled on a striped scuba skirt from ASOS, which Rob's family like to call my 'wasp skirt' and some heart print platforms. Both very deserving of the heart eyed emoji. As well as being a search engine, Fashiola also have interviews with fashion bloggers and a 'stylebooks' feature, where you can either create your own board, or browse through the existing ones when you're in desperate need of inspiration on how to style something (ie 'How to Wear Dungarees, or 'How to Dress like Kendall Jenner')

I hope you like the site as much as I do, and I'd like to absolve myself of all blame in regards to the large shopping sprees it may lead to in advance.


Post in collab with Fashiola; all words, opinions and metaphorical heart eye emojis my own