Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet Lilo

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So... I'd like to introduce you to the little munchkin who was waiting for me at the final stop of my birthday treasure hunt! I woke up on Sunday to a pile of envelopes from Rob which I was to open at set times over the following two days, the first of which said to pack a bag for a night's stay at Anwick near Newcastle. We stayed at the beautiful White Swan Hotel (with a surprise upgrade to the bridal suite, very exciting stuff) and had some drinks and a lovely meal. The next morning, the envelopes led to a delicious breakfast, a trip to Anwick gardens and their treehouse restaurant and then - finally - to a random house just outside of Anwick. When I realised what was happening I had a very long excited cry, composed myself, and went inside to meet my little pup. I went through a series of names - Edna Mode, Jessica Lange, Beans - before finally settling on Lilo after realising how much she was like Stitch (but Stitch was too boyish a name for this little Diva). It's safe to say you can expect to see a lot more of this face around these parts...