Sunday, February 8, 2015

Battle of the Swimsuits

photo (23)Well, it's a Sunday morning, I'm stuck in cold Scotland where there's still a thin layer of ice on the ground and I have had enough. I've been craving some sun pretty much since the moment the plane landed back from my last holiday, but my need for sun has reached epidemic levels now that all the beautiful swimwear is starting to filter onto the high street, teasing me with each beautiful halter top. I thought it'd be rude not to indulge myself and put together a round-up of my favourite swimwear picks on the high-street at the moment. Now I just need to peel myself away from the BA website. Help.

High waisted Bikinis high street

High-waisted bottoms seem to be a real divider - half the population greets them with a look of sheer disgust and an exclamation of, 'GRANNY PANTS', the other half seems to be in love the with them. Initially - and I'm talking about 8 years ago now - I found myself intrigued by them in a kind of 'what... is that?' way but, flash forward to present day, and I'm completely won over - if Marilyn's ok with it then I'm ok with it. In a perfect world (ie where sweaty faces and Magnum ice lolly stains don't exist) I'd wear one of these with some big ass hoop earrings, a red lip and some round Lolita-esque sunglasses, a la these ASOS badboys.

Swimsuit top picks high street

Generally I'm not a swimsuit kind of gal as I like to get a tan on my belly (then when your pot belly returns post-holiday it's nice and brown and, thus, doesn't look so bad). but in the past two years there seems to have been a real focus on producing shamazing swimsuits, which has left me feeling both tempted and confused. My particular favourites are the Rihanna-esque leopard one - if her body came with it that'd be great - and the ASOS paisley lattice swimsuit. The little retro polka dot one's also stolen my heart; I think it'd look amazing with a big floppy sun hat, oversized sunglasses and an ice-cold Sex on the Beach. Oh, and James Dean on my arm.

Bikini top picks high street

These tend to be my go-to kind of bikinis, the simple 'I am what I am, I'll give you an even tan, stay on when you go down a waterslide and still look beautiful and colourful whilst doing so' kind. Technically the paisley wrap bikini is a swimsuit, but because the crafty little guy looks like a bikini from the front I thought it'd feel more at home here. I won't tell if you don't. Also, that N.L.P colour block one is making my heart race it's so beautiful.