Sunday, December 21, 2014

Monochrome and layers. Nothing new here.

H&M oversized grey knitted jumper H&M oversized grey knitted jumper 2 H&M oversized grey knitted jumper 3
H&M oversized grey knitted jumper 1
URBAN OUTFITTERS checked blazer and oversized scarf | ZARA boucle bag | H&M oversized grey jumper | RIVER ISLAND platform boots (similar) | WHISTLES sunglasses (similar)

Hello, hello - remember me?  Sorry for the radio silence, I've been dying a slow death from the common cold this week; I think I got too excited about Christmas and my body went into shock and subsequently started to shut down. I've also got a weird thing going on with two of my fingers where they've decided to double in size and stop bending, so typing is no easy feat.

...Forgot I was writing a blog post instead of talking to my Doctor there. This outfit is from a couple of weeks ago when I was actually in the mood for wearing something other than oversized Christmas jumpers and sorrow. Lots of layers and a monochrome palette - you really can't go wrong. Anyway, I've just made some homemade macaroni so I'm off to watch The Holiday and probably have a little cry at the old man collecting his award. Just your average Sunday really. Hope everyone's feeling all nice and festive!

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