Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Daily Make-Up Routine

One of the questions I'm asked most, both here and over on my YouTube, is what products I use on my face on a daily basis. I do occasionally mention bits that I use, but it's all a bit scattered, so I thought I'd round them up here in one post for anyone who's been wondering!
Daily make up routine and products for natural look 13
Daily make up routine and products for natural look 2 Daily make up routine and products for natural look 3 Daily make up routine and products for natural look 12
From L-R:
- KIEHL'S Ultra Light Daily UV Defence moisturiser: I use a little bit of this each morning before aplying my make up. It's incredibly light and leaves your skin feeling moisturised without being oily.
- BARE MINERALS BareSkin foundation in Bare Linen/03: I've raved about this over in my September Favourites video so I won't go on too much here, but basically it sits incredibly light on the skin and gives good coverage, as well as leaving you with a very natural looking finish finish. One of my hero products, fo' sho'.
- RIMMEL Wake Me Up Concealer in Soft Beige: I bought this to tide me over until I could pick up the Laura Mercier under-eye concealer and ended up being really surprised by how good it was! One of the only concealers I've come across so far that comes close to tackling my panda eyes.
- BARE MINERALS Face Perfecting Brush: SUCH a good foundation brush; just pop 1-7 drops (I use 5 on average) into the little concave bit in the middle of the brush and buff away! You're left with a really even, natural finish at the end.
- BARE MINERALS Flawless Application Face Brush: I use this to apply my bronzer. It's so incredibly soft (who needs a pet when you have a good brush?) so powder goes on really smoothly with it.
- BARE MINERALS Ready Bronzer in The Skinny Dip: I really like this bronzer as it gives you a nice warm look, is good for contouring, and doesn't have that glittery finish that a lot of bronzers do. It also stays all day (cue Sam Smith Stay With Me playing) which is an added bonus.
- BARE MINERALS Ready Blush in The Aphrodisiac: I don't use this every day (I'm not wearing it in the photos either) but I thought I'd include it as I do use from time to time - especially in the summer months when I want to go for quite a natural, fresh look - and it is a lovely blusher.
Daily make up routine and products for natural look 4 Daily make up routine and products for natural look 5 Daily make up routine and products for natural look 6
Daily make up routine and products for natural look
From L-R
- URBAN DECAY Naked Palette: I'm sure I don't need to tell you much about this as it's a blogger favourite, but I really do love it - I tend to use Sin, Sidecar and Buck the most as I like quite earthy, smoky tones. For this reason, I keep meaning to try out the Naked Basics palette, so if anyone reading this has used it let me know your thoughts!
- BENEFIT Magic Ink Eyeliner: I don't wear eyeliner every day (again, I'm not wearing it in these photos), but if I fancy a thin catflick then this is my go-to product. It stays on all day and you get great precision with the brush. If I'm going for a more dramatic, thick line then I'll opt for Benefit push-up liner instead.
- BARE MINERALS Stroke of Light Eye Brightener: I chop and change between this and Benefit High-Beam, but I've been using this one more often recently as it's a little more subtle and gives a nice, natural finish to your look.
- BARE MINERALS Lash Domination: I've been entirely faithful to Maybelline Falsies mascara for the past few years and was convinced I'd never find one that could live up to it... and then this one came into my life. It's such a good mascara, and one you can build on to create a more bold eyelash look if you like. I'd recommend either mascara though; they both hold equal place in my heart thanks to their luscious lash-giving qualities.
- BARE MINERALS 5in1 Cream Eyeshadow in Soft Linen: Sometimes I use this on its own as it's great for a really subtle, no-make up look, but recently I've been using it as a primer instead so that my Urban Decay eyeshadow will stay in place all day.
Daily make up routine and products for natural look 7
- BENEFIT Instant Brow in Medium: This is one of those products I've been using forever and keep going back to. I find it really hard to come by an eyebrow pencil that's not too harsh, which is the reason I love this one so much - it's really soft and crayon-like, and has a nice, waxy finish which holds any troublesome brow hairs in place. I use this one to shape the bottom line and the arch of my brow
- BENEFIT Gimme Brow in Light/Medium: I've mentioned this product quite a few times so again I won't go on about it, plus I think it's now  Britain's best selling brow product, which'll tell you all you need to know about it. I use this to fill in the rest of my brows once I've shaped them; because of the wand-style tip it clings to your brow hairs as you comb it through and lets you shape them a little before the gel sets them in place.
Daily make up routine and products for natural look 9
BARE MINERALS Marvellous Moxie Lipliner in Thrilled: For some reason lipliner's something I always forget to put on, but recently I've been trying to get the mantra, 'LINE THOSE BADBOYS AMY OR YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO GET LIPS LIKE ANGELINA JOLIE' into my head each morning. This one's a little dark for the pale pink lipsticks I often wear, but when paired with this Rimmel lipstick I've gt on in the photos it works really well.
- RIMMEL Moisture Renew lipstick in Nude Delight: I picked this up after watching Lisa Eldridge use it in this Alexa Chung make-up tutorial; it's not as peachy as I'd envisioned it would be, but it's still one of my favourites and oh.my.god does it smell good. 

Last but not least, here's what the full make-up look looks like with the flash in case anyone was wondering!:
Daily make up routine and products for natural look 10