Friday, August 22, 2014

White jeans cliche

So Jeans grey denim jacket 1 So Jeans grey denim jacket 5 So Jeans grey denim jacket 4 So Jeans grey denim jacket 6 So jeans grey denim jacket 8 So Jeans grey denim jacket 2
New Look suede boots (now in sale) | So Jeans grey denim jacket (c/o) | H&M drop armhole vest (similar) | Topshop necklace | ASOS white skinny jeans | Shirt stolen from my brother 

I'm away down to Glasgow this weekend for my pal Jen's engagement party, but I thought I'd put together a little post this eve so you don't miss me too much (anyone? No? Oh thank god, there you are Mum). I wore this outfit a couple of days ago to go into town holiday shopping - have I mentioned I'm going on holiday yet? - and grabbed the shirt as I was leaving from my brother, which turned out to be a god-send because I sat on some sauce during lunch. Wearing white jeans, I sat on some red sauce, yes. What a big, walking rom-com cliche I am. 

Anyway, moving on... I bought the most amazing polish in Topshop yesterday, so I've got it on (see it here) and I am ready to pardddyyy. Now I just need to find something to wear - safe to say I've got my priorities right.