Saturday, August 16, 2014

Alexa Chung for Nails Inc

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Blessed with nice hands I was not; they're more like paws. I feel like I should just get that out of the way before I commence with this review, almost as an apology if you like.

Me and my Mum were down in Edinburgh for a girly couple of days last weekend to celebrate her birthday, and on the Sunday we had the girliest of girly days. I'm talking lunch at Harvey Nichols, cocktails, shopping - you name it - and so to complete this day of ladylike-ness, we headed along to the Nails Inc bar in Harvey Nichols to get our nails done and have a glass of champagne. I noticed the Alexa Chung for Nails Inc range had just launched, so made a beeline for that. Mainly to have a little perve over her campaign photo, I'm not going to lie, and I was so busy checking out her make up that I almost missed out on the fact she was lying on a bed of kale. Mental.

There's six colours in the range, all of which are inspired by different fabrics. I spent ages deliberating between them, tempted just to go for my usual black, but decided in the end to go for the 'Alexa Silk' as a base, finished off with 'Alexa Sequins' on top. Queen Chung herself said, 'My favourite polish is Sequins. Often I dress relaxed and in a tomboy kind of way, so it's nice to have a little disco on my nails', and I can only agree - I do like dressing like a boy, but there's no better feeling than looking down and seeing some sassy-ass nails on your fingers.

I deliberately waited a week to do a review of the polish so that:
a) I'd know if I only loved it so much because I was drunk on two glasses of champagne (turns out I still love it when I'm sober, so we're ok).
b) So that I could show you how well it lasts - six days on and it's still going strong! The first photo is obviously the day I got it done, but the last three were taking this morning and, as you can maybe see in the photos, there's only one or two chips in it, which happened yesterday when I being slave driven by - I mean helping out - my Mum to move boxes to her new house. So, all in all, it's lasted amazingly.

The polishes are £15 each and you can check out the full range below by clicking on the photos. I ended up buying the 'Alexa Lace' as well so I'll maybe pop up a little review of that too if you liked this one!



Amy // The Girl In The Bowler Hat said...

As someone who falls into the hype of anything endorsed by Alexa Chung (live fast, die chung and all that), it would be rude not to pick up one of these right?

I am seriously loving the look of these polishes, they're definitely the sorts of colours I tend to wear! Even if my bank account is weeping at the thought already…

Amy at The Girl in the Bowler Hat

alice said...

Can't believe how long it has lasted! It still ooks amazing, I am in love!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Unknown said...

so cool!


Unknown said...

love that you've shown some of Alexa's range as i haven't seen any yet! Totally agree about her campaign photos! mmm!

hannah @

Tilly said...

All over anything by Alexa Chung. She could sell toilet paper and I'd probably buy it! These shades are gorgeous, very impressed with the staying power too, although I'd probably just pick it off! x

Tilly Enn // A Beauty and Fashion Blog

Unknown said...

They look gorgeous, love the shades you're wearing <3

thepaarblog said...

Cool colors!

Ana CĂ©line Labod said...

omg your nails look so pretty!

Abigail said...

I had no idea alexa was doing a range for nails inc, your nails look great!

Safiya said...

I love a bit of sparkle on my nails but always worry I look to christmasy, ya know? The black underneath makes it look classy tho. I love it!

Cats in Crop Tops

Annabel said...

I'm actually not fussed on Alexa, but I do like Nails Inc so I think this is one of her collabs I may cave over!

Annabel ♥
Mascara & Maltesers

Daria said...

The nailpolish looks awesome! I agree with you, it's so lovely to have party nails when you dress like a boy x

Unknown said...

For £15 a pop I would hope it lasts that long! It looks such a nice colour with all the sparkles too - new season inspiration :)
Lauren x
Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

Unknown said...

The nails look gorgeous. Anything that gets me closer to being as cool as alexa chung gets my vote!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful mani!

Laura said...

Ohh loving that combo!

Nikki Williams said...

those nails look perfect!


TriciaK said...

Loving your lol-zing review! Bloomin' spensive though, innit?! Still very tempting though - that goes for the polish, too! Haha! Tx