Sunday, July 13, 2014

Wedding travelling and meeting Dynamo

ASOS stripe breton top ASOS stripe breton top 4 ASOS stripe breton top  2
Forever21 crochet trim playsuit | ASOS stripe top | Missguided crop leather jacket | Topshop open toe boots (sold out, similar) | NARS Heatwave

Me and Rob are down in the borders for a wedding this weekend and this is what I chose to wear travelling down on Friday. Big. Mistake. It was 23 degrees and we were in the car for four and a half hours; the layering, the black soaking up all the heat through the windscreen... it was all too much. Anyway, once we got down the wedding was amazing. It was a really small, intimate ceremony and the weather behaved itself, the bride was bella, everyone was merry and the whole thing looked like it'd come straight from a beautiful pinterest board. Dynamo was there as a guest and I had to work very, very hard to hold it - it being my shit -together. I'm literally the biggest fan out there; the only person who's ever made me feel the same 'anything is possible' way is Santa. If you follow me on Twitter you might remember me tweeting a couple of weeks ago that if he ever did a trick on me I'd die happy there and then, so when I walked in and saw him there I thought I might be sick, or cry. Turns out I did cry later on when he did some tricks (not sorry) so my estimations weren't wrong. So, an amazing wedding, a selfie with dynamo and getting to be part of one of his tricks... what a weekend.

I'm off to have another cry.