Sunday, July 6, 2014


Cos white shirt thelittlemagpie Cos white shirt thelittlemagpie 9 Cos white shirt thelittlemagpie 7 Cos white shirt thelittlemagpie 6
Cos side slit white shirt | Oh My Love biker jacket | Cheap Monday jeans (with DIY rips) | Choies ankle strap boots | Baia ponyskin bag | Forever21 coin necklace

So, here I am, firmly in my comfort zone. This is pretty much my go-to outfit on days when I'm feeling a little confused (read: lazy) deciding what to wear. Cos are the best when it comes to creating the perfect white shirt; how they get it so soft and yet so crisp I'll never know.

I'm feeling a little delicate today - yes I got drunk off of two glasses of champagne, no I'm not proud - so I think it's time to retire back under my duvet and spend the night watching Friends re-runs on tv. Now if someone could please bring me a bucket full of carbs that'd be great.