Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bringing my dungarees out for summer

Vintage blue shorts dungarees 1 Vintage blue shorts dungarees 7 Vintage blue shorts dungarees 5 Vintage blue shorts dungarees 4
All Saints leather jacket | Zara cropped jumper and bag | Vintage denim dungarees (similar) | Senso buckle boots | Cos white collar

For me, dungarees are one of the best things to whap out in summer when the weather starts to pick up; they're so easy to throw on over bikinis, t-shirts, shirts... you name it. Speaking of summer dressing, me and Rob go away on holiday exactly a month today so I'll need to get my butt in gear and start picking up some clothes. I'm not going to lie, bikini shopping and the thought of having to prance about in next to nothing in only a matter a weeks makes me a bit sick in my mouth . Plus, my flatmate's just asked me the dreaded, 'Two for Tuesday?' question, and I was raised never to say no to anyone offering you pizza. Oh Victoria Secret models, tell me your secret.