Thursday, June 19, 2014

Arrival of the Clubmaster

Ray Ban polarised clubmasters 1 Ray Ban polarised clubmasters 9 Ray Ban polarised clubmasters 6 Ray Ban polarised clubmasters 5 Ray Ban polarised clubmasters 8
Ray Ban polarised clubmaster via SmartBuyGlasses (c/o) | Sheinside long cardigan (old) | Oh My Love biker | Zara faded jeans | Senso snakeprint buckle boots (now in sale)

Today was the windiest of windy days; I felt like I was one step away from being sucked up into a tornado Dorothy-style. It's like the weather heard me complaining yesterday about not knowing how to dress for summer and thought, 'I can help you with that'. It was still bright though so I took my new sunglasses out with me to prevent squinty-eyedness from occurring, and Holy Mother of Ray Ban are they beautiful. I always thought the Wayfarer were my favourite style, but now that I own these Clubmasters I feel in a bit of a pickle about who to give top place too. I think I'll settle on joint first; I don't want to cause any sort of rivalry between them. I went for the larger size as I found the small a little too small and the're just perfect. It's like good old baby bear's bed... juuust right. They also came with two cleaning clothes and a little cleaning set which my other pair didn't so that was a nice touch, now I don't have to put them through the indignity of being rubbed on the edge of my jumper.