Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Scottish Coachella

somedays lovin playsuit 3 somedays lovin playsuit 6 somedays lovin playsuit 7 somedays lovin playsuit 5

If I'd been going to Coachella this year this playsuit would have been the first thing I packed; it's lightweight, easy to run about in and has pockets... it's like they went inside my head, saw my perfect playsuit and hired angels to handcraft it. I'm still considering getting tickets for Scotland's version of Coachella (ahem), T in the Park, so it might still get its festival outing yet and if not then I'm sure it'll be thrown on on many a summer day. 

I'm off for a ladies night out with my Mum tonight for a meal and a cinema trip before I move flat tomorrow, which means not only do I get some popcorn in my belly, but I've also managed to delay packing even further. Life is good.

Until tomorrow morning, anyway.