Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lazy days

choies stripe jumper choies stripe jumper 7 choies stripe jumper5 choies stripe jumper4
Choies stripe jumper with red detail (c/o) | Missguided cropped biker jacket | ASOS white skinny jeans | Topshop black slip ons (similar) | Ray Ban sunglasses

Today's lazy outfit; you can't really go wrong with a striped jumper, skinny jeans and a biker. My mum jokingly commented on how similar my wardrobe is to Russell Brands and then paused, realising that this 'joke' was in fact a home truth. If only my legs looked like his.

I'm off to Engerlaaand tomorrow to visit Robyn and Tasha which I'm supa excited about. We're visiting the safari park on Saturday so I'm taking a spare tetanus shot in my bag in case I get bit by a llama again (oh yes, that really happened). Now, to pack.