Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Get dressy with it

Girissima off shoulder dress 5 Girissima off shoulder dress 1 Girissima off shoulder dress 12 Girissima off shoulder dress 9 Girissima off shoulder dress 8

Now we all know I'm not generally a dress girl - I've been thinking a lot recently about what it means that I'm more comfortable dressed like a boy but I'm just not sure. Sorry Mum - but something drew me to this one. I'm also not really a colour person so there's a whole load of rule breaking going on here. 

I've had a lot of girls recently ask if I know where they can get something a bit different for prom or for weddings so, if you're also wondering the same, Girissima's a good one to give a browse. They stock loads of brands, from French Connection to Free People and run random little flash sales quite often so keep an eye out for those!



Nikki Williams said...

gorgeous dress! love that color!



Izzy said...

Love the shape of that dress, super cute <3

The Quirky Queer

Unknown said...

the colour suits you so well!
And I especially love the last picture of you :)
xx Ann-Kathrin


Marieke Stegemann / wort-welt said...

Wow ! Really pretty :))
Love your look <3
The shoes and the dress are so wonderful!


Unknown said...

That dress is beautiful, I love the fit and that last snap - awww. Off to check out that store, it sounds right up my street!

Tara xo

Unknown said...

That colour suits you so much! I'm also so in love with your hair - whenever mine has been that length I can never get it to sit right so would love to know how you style it! xx

Holl JC said...

Oh wow, just spectacular Amy x


Unknown said...

this dress is amazing, I love that you have paired it with ankle flat boots, looks so pretty x


Gen said...

Wow what a beautiful dress!

Alice said...

Wow you look stunning!! xo

Sarah said...

such a pretty look!

Unknown said...

your shoes are that perfect that I could cry :'( you wear them perfectly! The colour of the dress suits you so much too!

Elisse x

Unknown said...

insanely beautiful!

Jeanne said...

Amazing dress!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress and color! Love this look!

Greetings from Berlin

claudia said...

Lovely dress and really cool shoes!

WillowTea said...

Beautiful dress, it suits you so well!


Jenny said...

You look gorgeous!! I really like how fitting the dress is on you and how you kept it simple with the shoes and not overly "girly" :) love it!! xx


Unknown said...

gorgeous dress!!


Holly Read said...

Beautiful dress! So flattering on you! Love the colour :)
Summer x


bijata said...

I envy your hair! It looks amazing on you! I really think you should make a video of your hair tutorial! xx Beata

bijata said...

I envy your hair! It looks amazing on you! I really think you should make a video of your hair tutorial! xx Beata

Shannen Smith said...

Those boots are a gift from god.


TheJulyRose said...

Amy that last picture of you is wonderful, new blog profile picture for sure!

I know you like black (as do I) but this colour suits you so much.

Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

Julia in Disguise said...

This dress is so so pretty! You look beaut xx
Julia in Disguise