Tuesday, April 1, 2014

LA Premium jersey collection

lavishalicepremiumjerseytop6 lavishalicepremiumjerseytop4 lavishalicepremiumjerseytop2 lavishalicepremiumjerseytop5

I've been after a longline black jacket for ages, so when I was down in Glasgow with Rob and spotted this hanging on the Topshop sale rail I ran over; hands out-stretched, tears in my eyes. Despite having assured myself as I walked in that I was, 'just looking, not buying', I scooped it up along with this jumper and these boots and made my way to the till before I could change my mind (read: before Rob could catch up with me and see what I was doing). There's only two things in life that really test my willpower and that's a Topshop sale and cupcakes. Actually, all sales and all food, but that's beside the point. 

Right, I better stop warbling on about my failings in life and get cracking with filming my new YouTube video before it gets so dark that I'm just a talking shadow.